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Christopher Lee Tribute

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I cannot remember whether it was Lord of The Rings or Star Wars I first saw Christopher Lee in. Either way he left an impression that has stayed with me since. A truly great actor who has been involved in of over 280 films. Notably, as Count Dooku in Stars Wars and Saruman in Lord of Rings. Sir Christopher Frank Carandini Lee, you will be missed.
– Catherine


With one of the memorable voices in television and film, Christopher Lee was a remarkable actor, a gentleman, and a wizard among mortals. He had a remarkable way of bringing a calmness to the villainous and dark characters he played, whether as Dracula, Francisco Scaramanga, or Count Dooku, my personal favorite of his many roles. Sir Christopher Lee, you will be missed, but your spirit will live on in the cinemas. My condolences to all of Sir Lee’s friends, family, and fans.
– Allison


He was an actor with a commanding presence. He had one of the most recognizable voices in Hollywood. From Dracula to Count Dooku to Saruman, his characters were some of the most recognizable in film and television. I would like to express my sincere condolences to his family. Mr. Lee may have passed on from this world, but will live on forever on screen. Christopher Lee you will greatly be missed.



I was first introduced to Christopher Lee in Man with the Golden Gun during one of his many stints as the villain (brings back Goldeneye memories on the N64).  Those of us that enjoyed Christopher’s films may not be aware that Lee was also an accomplished soldier and WWII veteran, at one point attached to what we know now as the British SAS (Special Air Service).  Christopher Lee was one of the most visible and iconic actors of this young century, portraying iconic roles in the Star Wars prequels as well as all of Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movie incarnations.  Over the years, Mr. Lee has worn many “hats”; he was knighted, an accomplished singer (opera as well as metal!), tremendous actor, and celebrated soldier. Though we mourn the loss of such an incredible man, his legacy in life and on film will live on.  Rest in peace Mr. Lee.


Being a big fan of horror movies Christopher Lee’s passing has put a dark cloud over this day for me.  There is not much for me to add except it was important to him to stay active because he feared being forgotten.  He was so happy to be in recent big films and introduced to the younger generations. This song is for you Chris.


My heart is quite saddened by Christopher Lee’s passing. He was an incredible actor who demanded your attention, simply by being on the screen. He could step into a villain role and even though you cheered when that character lost, you ALWAYS remembered him. I haven’t seen many of his films, which I will work on rectifying, but Christopher Lee’s Saruman from Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit films and his Count Dooku from Star Wars will always hold a special place in my heart. RIP Mr. Lee, you will be missed.

– Katie