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Collecting Pop Culture: An Interview with Mark Del Vecchio of Cinequest

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If you are looking for pop culture memorabilia and collectibles, you need to visit CineQuest.com. CineQuest.com carries the most current product lines for most of the popular television and movies. I got the opportunity to speak with Mark Del Vecchio, owner of CineQuest.com to ask him about the business and what they have to offer for San Diego Comic Con this year.

How did CineQuest.com come about?

I was a big Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan from the get-go and bought boxes of trading cards to put together my own sets. Then I started selling off the extra autographs and chase cards online and it snowballed from there. Eventually we were doing exclusive Buffy figures with Moore Action Collectibles and Diamond Select Toys and were a leading online retailer for Buffy and Angel!

What type of merchandise do you carry?

We tend to carry merchandise from TV shows and movies that feature strong female characters (this came from our Buffy roots and my interest in showing my daughter great role models in pop culture. It must of worked, too, as Rose co-founded a subscription box geared to lady geeks called FanMail (myfanmail.com). So Buffy, Orphan Black, Charmed, Firefly, Xena, Veronica Mars and many more. And the range of merchandise is from trading cards to prop replicas and everything in between.


Do you carry any merchandise that can only be found at CineQuest.com?

We have done many exclusives over the years (action figures from Buffy and Charmed), did our own licensed line of Veronica Mars and Supernatural minibusts and launched our own series of exclusive signed trading cards from stars of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, including Clare “Glory” Kramer and Mercedes “Harmony” McNab.

What is the coolest item, in your opinion, that you got to sell on the site?

I think over 15 years, the items I loved the best (aside from our own exclusive Buffy figures) were the Buffy the Vampire Slayer prop replicas. Some amazing replicas were produced, from the Orb of Thesaluh to my favorite, the Slayer’s Scythe  from Factory X!

Do you have any exclusives for San Diego Comic Con this year?

Each year we do at least two exclusives for San Diego, including our annual “Road Trip to San Diego” licensed Supernatural T-shirt, ($25) a popular item for Sam and Dean fans attending SDCC. This year we’ve also teamed with Monogram to produce a limited edition Supernatural variant pin set that features great iconography from the show, including the Mark of Cain and the Winchester brothers’ EMF reader ($30) . We’ll also have two of FanMail’s exclusives available at our booth (#4539) – a Jordandené-designed zippered tote bag for Firefly fans ($20) and a collector box celebrating Sarah Kuhn’s fabulous Heroine Worship book series ($65). Fans – both attendees and non-attendees – can preorder the items for pickup or delivery on our website.


Will these exclusives be available to people not attending the convention?

We do have some set aside for preorder that will be shipped to customers after the convention. We know everyone can’t make it there and each year we made sure people can get those items without trekking to San Diego. Preorders for our exclusives can be found on our website.

Are there any big items that collectors should be on the look out for in the future?

We continue to work on bringing more collectibles into the market that celebrate strong female characters in pop culture.



Well Mark, thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions. If you’re at San Diego Comic Con, why don’t you give stop by and check out their booth. They will be at Booth #4539 (across from Warner Brothers) in the convention center. If you can’t make it to San Diego Comic Con but want to check out their merchandise, head over to CineQuest.com.


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