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Comic Con Revolution 2018 Post Con Review

Another con has come and gone and Comic Con Revolution 2018 is in the books!!! I had a good time and saw some old friends and made new ones, but how does this con stack up in the eyes of this reviewer? Let’s find out.

Comic Con Revolution is a smaller, newer convention that takes place in both Florida and California. I was recently at the one held in the Ontario, California Convention Center, so let’s review:


Parking at this convention was the absolute worst, the availability of parking wasn’t an issue, it was the way the parking attendants handled their jobs when it came to parking and helping people park vehicles. This was also the first convention where street parking was readily available and if you were lucky enough to find it, you saved yourself ten bucks for the convention. That was my story on day two of the event.

Getting in the Convention

Way more of a hassle than anything ever needed to be, getting into the con was such a drag. There seemed to be only two people trying to get everyone inside of the convention and they were in no hurry whatsoever to do so. There was, however one guy who came to work as he was checking in guests and moving them faster than lightning. Over in the press/media/exhibitor area, this wasn’t the case at all and every seemed to be quite disorganized when getting people into the convention. I get it, this is a new convention so there’s always room for improvement, so hopefully those who are in charge of such things can tweak things for the better at future events. Another issue was the lack of a weapons check at this event, like there wasn’t any at all. While in a perfect world, we wouldn’t even need a weapons check at these or any events, the amount of warnings sent out prior to Comic Con Revolution would make you feel as if security would’ve been extra tight.

The Convention Floor

For a smaller convention, I felt a bit of nostalgia at Comic Con Revolution because it reminded me so much of the smaller cons that I had gone to as a child and a teenager back in Chicago. It was an intimate setting, however it wasn’t in any way short on attractions. Artist Alley was the biggest I had seen it since LA Comic Con and there seemed to be way more independent publishers present. As always, there were celebrity guests and even a special screening of Deadpool 2 with the creators of Deadpool and a panel with most of the cast from Batman: The Animated Series. Other attractions on the floor were Cosplay Corner where professional cosplayers were meeting fans and just plain having a great time.



To me, a con without food trucks isn’t trying too hard to be a convention. Now I get it, this was a smaller event, however I felt a little bit robbed that there weren’t any food trucks available. However, I saw pizza boxes EVERYWHERE!!! You’d think that the Ninja Turtles were around with the amount of pizza that was floating around everywhere, so I would say that was a pretty good trade off for the lack of variety when it came down to food and drink. This was also the only other convention, besides in Long Beach that served alcohol to guests.


One of my main reasons for going to conventions and probably the main reason for me going to Comic Con Revolution this year was for the cosplay. This convention did not disappoint at all because those who came out to cosplay came correct and I couldn’t be more happier about that. The talent and dedication to the craft that so many people I’ve come to recognize, event after event makes me proud to be part of this community and It’s always something that’ll be close to my heart. I met and got to talk to a lot of talented people this weekend and learned about them and their fandom and the more you get to talk to cosplayers the more you realize why they chose to cosplay the characters that they decide to do. Comic Con Revolution may have been a smaller convention but the level of awesome when it came to the cosplay that was on display couldn’t be contained. 


I really enjoyed myself at this year’s Comic Con Revolution. I met new friends, saw some old one and got a lot of cool new art, which if you regularly go to comic conventions, do yourself a favor and go to artist alley and support independent artists. This was also a very family friendly convention and you could see the excitement in the kids’ eyes when they saw their favorite superhero and even got a chance to take a picture with them, that’s truly one of the most magical feelings ever. Besides a few complaints regarding getting into to convention and the lack of organization in order to accomplish that, I had a great time and hope that this convention gets even bigger and better in the future.


Comedian, Cosplayer, podcaster and Hug Dealer, Aaron has been a lifelong geek and loves to share his nerddom with the world. Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Aaron now lives in Los Angeles sharing his talents with the world and just plain being a geek. You can check out Aaron’s podcasts: Aaron Explains the Universe and Stupid Movie Tuesday on iTunes.