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Cosplay Around The World: Is It All That Different?

Happy Cosplay Friday! And Happy June first. As summer is swinging into action, something else is coming alive. Conventions and cosplayers. All good cosplayer know there’s no time better to cosplay than the summer. Cosplay is known as a subculture that is taking over the world. This once unheard of hobby has exploded to dominated a worldwide audience. But how to cosplays around the world differ?


We at Temple of Geek have been running our annual Cosplay Friday for nearly a year now. And in that brief time span we have interviewed over 30 cosplayers from around the world. Whether it be in rural America or abroad in Russia, cosplay seems to be everywhere.

Aurora Yulia (Interview templeofgeek.com/aurora-yulia/ ) is a Russian cosplayer Temple of Geek interviewed in May. She produces colorfully stunning Star Wars cosplays that will make your jaw drop! But is her cosplay really all that different from Eothen Cosplay?(Interview templeofgeek.com/eothen-cosplay/) A Spain based Disney cosplayer with a background in sewing and a passion for details. Although these incredible cosplayers are thousands of miles apart, they share one thing, Passion.


Passion is a cosplayer’s greatest ally. It can make or break a cosplayer. A cosplayer needs that little bit of obsession to do the things they love. This is the same passion Temple of Geek has seen in cosplayers worldwide.

Passion is often found doing what you love in unusual ways. Take Jiaki Darkness,(Interview templeofgeek.com/jiaki-darkness/) a Thai cosplayer who has spent a good portion of his time touring around Southeast Asia as a cosplaying DJ. He is pursuing his passion in a way that might seem unusual in theory; but ultimately produces incredible results. Just like Serenity Lockhart,(Interview templeofgeek.com/serenity-lockhart/) a drag queen cosplayer. She uses the art of drag to display her cosplays. These two cosplayers could not be further from each other in style and distance, but the passion is still the same.

Photo Courtesy of World Cosplay Summit 2014

At the end of the day, passion is what has made cosplay such a huge subculture. Anyone can put on a costume, but it takes passion to cosplay. So no matter what environment or location you live in, cosplay doesn’t change, because passion can be found everywhere.


And as always,

Have a happy cosplay Friday!

Josie Price

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