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Photo Provided by Koruption Kosplay

Cosplay Connection Episode 5 – Koruption Kosplay

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In this episode of Cosplay Connection, I sat down with Jake Korupp of Koruption Kosplay via Google Hangouts to discuss his cosplay origin story and the creativity and work that goes into each of his cosplays.

I first met Jake when he and I worked together in Fantasyland Attractions at the Disneyland Resort in California several years ago. I didn’t know Jake was a cosplayer until I saw his very impressive and authentic Starlord cosplay at Long Beach Comic Expo.

Jake’s cosplays are spectacular. He is very meticulous when it comes to each element. He wants each of his cosplays to be as authentic as possible and I have to say they are carbon copies of the originals! His work is flawless!

Since the recording of the above interview, Jake has updated his Spiderman cosplay and it looks damn good.

Koruption Kosplay as Spiderman | Photo Provided by Koruption Kosplay
Koruption Kosplay as Spiderman | Photo Provided by Koruption Kosplay

I highly encourage everyone to check out Koruption Kosplay on Facebook & Instagram (@korupp). He’s a super cool dude!

Lastly, I would like to thank Jake for taking the time to meet with me to discuss his cosplays. Hopefully I will run into at Disneyland sometime.

*All photos included in the above article and in the recorded interview were provided by Jake Korupp and Katharine Penix.

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