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Cosplay Connection – Season 2 Episode 2: That’s So Laurel Cosplay

On this episode of Cosplay Connection, I speak with Laurel of That’s So Laurel Cosplay. Laurel (Yes, that is her real name!!) works PR in Atlanta, Georgia by day and cosplays by night. She has created some of the most amazing Black Canary Costumes that will you think she got them from the set of a DC television production.

Here is my interview with Laurel about her costumes, her thoughts on Arrow, and much more!

About Laurel Sprague

Laurel’s favorite cosplay, if you have not already guessed, is the Black Canary. She got into cosplay when her friends asked her to create cosplay for Bad Wolf for Dragon Con and has been hooked ever since. Some of her fandoms are DC and Marvel comics, Sailor Moon, and Doctor Who.

She takes time and care when creating her costumes to make sure that they are accurate as possible. She does all her own metal work but seeks help for leather from time to time. Her next costumes that she is creating is Black Canary from Injustice 2 and the “yellow and black” version from the comics. Her goal is to create every version of of Black Canary that has been released. Below are just a handful of photos that show off some of Laurel’s cosplay.


Please show your support by checking out Laurel’s social media sites:

Facebook – Link to Laurel’s Facebook

Instagram – Link to Laurel’s Instagram

YouTube – Link to Laurel’s Youtube Channel (Content Pending)


*All Photos displayed above and in the Cosplay Connection video were provided by Laurel Sprague and used with permission.

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