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Cosplayers Discuss Their Favorite Halloween Movie

Happy Cosplay Friday, and happy spooktober! The gouls are flying about, the houses are being haunted, the banshees are starting to scream. This can only mean one thing, Halloween is almost here.

In honor of the spookiest night of the year and the best day of the week, here are some of your favorite cosplayers top Halloween flicks. Be sure to try to watch them all!

What is your favorite Halloween movie to watch and why?

Cosplayer, Miss Faye: My favorite Halloween movies to watch are the Paranormal Activity movies, they kinda touch home with me since I’ve seen some weird things in my life time.


Cosplayer, Moderately Okay Cosplay:1408 is abolutely my favorite horror movie. Like most Stephen King movies, it is not really horror but more of a thriller. I just really like the Groundhog Day Effect trope. Where someone has to live a situation or a day over and over, there’s something about that helplessness and feeling of being trapped that a character feels that really puts me on edge.


Cosplayer,HushyPlushy: My top three would have to be Princess Mononoke; You have to check it out for the art style! Perfect Blue; it is a murder and gore classic. And of course King of Thorn; it has this amazing story line. All three  titles are very memorable!



FX Makeup Artist, Ryan Straut: Hands down my favorite horror movie has to be Scream. Scream has the perfect balance of comedy, horror, and intellect. It really speaks to me in a way that no other horror movie does. But my favorite Halloween film is undoubtedly Hocus Pocus.

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What is your favorite Halloween film? Answer in the comments below!


And as always, have a geek filled day!




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