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Cosplaying 101: An Interview With BCharlotteD

Happy Cosplay Friday! This week we present an interview with BCharlotteD. She is an award winning self-made cosplayer with a passion for her craft. For over two years she has been producing incredible cosplays with incredible results. We’re very pleased to present Charlotte talking about her experience in cosplay.


JR:Many cosplayers choose to adopt a stage name, having your real name as a brand is very unique, why did you choose to have it as such?

BCharlotteD:  was already using the name for my Twitch streams and my blog that I used to run so I figured it would just be easy to keep it! I felt that it was easier to remember the name then coming up with an entirely new brand. I also really liked it and didn’t want to change it.


JR:How long have you been cosplaying?

BCharlotteD: For over two years.

JR:Do you cosplay or crossplay or both?

BCharlotteD: I don’t really crosspla, I tend to take a character and change it to female like I have done with Starlord, Quicksilver and Ash Ketchum. I do mostly female characters but gender-bend the male one.


JR:Most cosplayers consider there to be three main categories of cosplay, tv, movies, and video games. What do you consider yourself to specialize in?

BCharlotteD: I would say that I specialize in movies. I do a lot of Marvel and DC cosplays mixed in with some video game and anime characters!

JR:What is your favorite fandom to cosplay from?

BCharlotteD: Thats a hard one, I love cosplaying Marvel and DC characters because they are so fun! I really cant choose between them because the characters are so fun to run around as!



JR:What do you consider your most memorable cosplay to be?

BCharlotteD: My Suicide Squad Harley Quinn. I think it was memorable because I really get into character when I cosplay Harley. I also worked so hard to make the costume as screen accurate as possible by making all of it myself! 

JR:What is a cosplay annoyance of yours?

BCharlotteD: When people get upset at different creative versions of characters. For example I have a red and black Suicide Squad Harley that I designed and made myself and people either love it or hate it just because its different or not how they wanted it.



JR:Have you ever had anything embarrassing happen to you while cosplaying?
BCharlotteD: A few times while in cosplay I have had my costume rip or break while walking around. It’s not super embarrassing but it can be pretty messy depending on how bad the break is.


JR:If there was one animal you would compare yourself to what would it be and why.

BCharlotteD: A kitten, I am super playful and small but I can also defend myself if needed!


JR:What cosplays are you currently working on?

BCharlotteD: Currently I am working on Rey from Star Wars and a gender-bent Han Solo for the movie coming out tomorrow!

JR:What was your first convention?

BCharlotteD: I think it was Megacon 2016 in Orlando Florida!


JR:What was your last convention? 

BCharlotteD: Geekend Free Comic Book Weekend where I was a cosplay guest!


JR:What is your next convention?

BCharlotteD: My next convention will be Akon 28 which is a Fort Worth anime based convention!

JR:What does cosplay mean to you?

BCharlotteD: Cosplay to me is creating and dressing up to have fun! Cosplay has allowed me to feel accepted again. I used to be an outcast in school and pretty much everywhere until I found the cosplay community where I started to make true friends that love and supported me. It really has allowed me to be myself in a fun creative way and is now allowing me to inspire new people to find the same joy!


To check out more of BCharlotteD’s incredible cosplays, visit her social media at:


Facebook: @BCharlotteDCosplay

Instagram: @BCharlotteD


And as always,

Have a geek filled week!


Josie Price

Mild mannered writer Josie Rose is known as a calm Graphic Design student who never misses a due date. But when darkness falls she becomes the Proverbial Princess. A cosplaying fiend out to decorate the world in glitter. Watch out, or she'll sparkle you too.