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Could Superheroes fight terrorist in the real world?

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What Would Happen

What would happen if the heroes of Marvel and DC were to combine to fight against ISIS, Boko Haram, and other terrorist organizations? I have been pondering this for a while now. Thinking about grounding superheroes into the real world against real threats. Now we have seen some situations in the superhero comics or film/tv trying to make this seem more real life. I had the idea for this blog before watching Iron Man and having watched it seeing the story take on this challenge on a small scale. In Captain America, we saw him “fight Hitler” really ended up being Hydra which was not a real organization. Back to reality I have been looking to see how logical would it be for the superheroes to be real and fight real terrorists.

iron man

Let’s allow the super powers to be real but let’s exclude the super villains for now. Do the superheroes team up with the military by that all countries that fight? Or do they do this on their own?  I’m going to play ‘what if’ and exclude any military plus, ignore all countries policies and procedures.

Let’s think this one out. Breaking down a few groups to make a non-corrupt S.H.I.E.L.D organizational format:

IT Division:
Division Heads
Felicity Smoak and Skye

Science Division:
Division Heads
Jemma Simmons, Caitlin Snow

Tech Division:
Division Heads
Cisco Ramon, Leo Fitz

PR Division:
Division Heads
Iris Snow, Lois Lane

Operational Division:
Division Heads
Nick Fury, Phil Coulson, Charles Xavier

These groups will break down further by putting certain heroes with skills ex: (Tony Stark would fall under Tech, Bruce Banner would go under science) into the categories where they can help when not fighting.

The Operational Division can then assert which hero would go fight certain terror groups. For example sending some of the X-Men and even Spiderman out in Europe to go under cover or to attack the ISIS cells. The idea here is to pair off the heroes to go after these terrorist groups according to skills/powers, tactical and long term result. This might take using 5+ heroes for each area of operational needs.

Can this be done in the most real world scenario? Playing with all the variables? I think so. At least I like to think it could be done while seeming as real as possible. Having fun trying to play the ‘what if’ game and ‘would it happen in real life’. This for some reason has helped me rationalize the idea that Marvel and DC heroes could work in the real world.