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The Cast of The Flash | LACC 2016 | Photo by: Chelsea Pommerening

CW’s The Flash Panel – Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con

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Check out the cast of The Flash in their panel discuss below.

The cast of CW’s The Flash took to the Hot Topic Main Stage at Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con on Saturday. Through out this panel the cast discussed their characters, their involvement with Team Flash, and a little bit of the future.

People of course were out for spoilers, but the cast always seemed to Flash right past those questions. I totally understand wanting to know what will happen before it happens, but that ruins the suspense. It is okay to wait and see what happens to our favorite characters.

I know that I am most interested in finding out will happen to Danielle Panabaker’s character Caitlin Snow. Is Killer Frost really her destiny? Will she be able to get a handle on her powers before she does something that she will regret?

However, none of these questions will be answered until we arrive at those pinnacle moments.

Even though we only see 4 panelist throughout most of the recording there is a 5th cast member roaming around in the audience. He was there to take questions!

CW’s The Flash | Photo By: Chelsea Pommerening

This panel was particularly enjoyable because who doesn’t like to hear from the villains. Teddy Sears (Zoom) was probably one of The Flash’s biggest rivals. Zoom was a very interesting and unlikable character, but Teddy he’s quite a nice guy.

We are all looking forward to what is to come in season 3, especially with the big crossover in the very near future. Be sure to catch new episodes of The Flash on The CW every Tuesday night. Check your local listings!

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