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ToG At The Con: Day 1 At Fan Expo Dallas 2017

Fan Expo Dallas 2017 – Day 1

We have arrived! Fan Expo Dallas kicked off with a bang! Temple of Geek was on site for Day 1 to have a little fun and check out the happenings. I myself was here today for one very specific purpose, Mark Hamill.

As I do with any con, I try to explore the show floor. I checked out many booths including the Park Sabers booth where I was tempted to pick up a replica Luke/Anakin/Rey lightsaber hilt (I may still get one before I leave). I stopped by our friend Kealy Racca and picked up an awesome Joker Print.


There was not much in the way of cosplay today. Though, what we saw was simply amazing! We ran into Disney Princesses and Marvel villains. I think the winner for me today was the kick ass Doctor Octopus. Check out some of the photos below.

Mark Hamill

My mission was completed today at about 6pm when I finally got to meet Mark Hamill. Today was a special photo op and signing for those who purchased the Gold package. I felt like I was six years old again when I was called up to get my photo.

Fan Expo Dallas 2017

If I had one complaint, it would be that due to the amount of people that purchased the Gold package, Mr Hamill was not able to really meet the fans. For $500.00, it felt like a rushed experience. The package also included priority seating at his panel. Sadly, I was unable to attend.


Day 1 was amazing! I was able to meet one of my childhood idols and got some cool stuff. Fan Expo always does a great job of putting on good shows and I can’t wait to see what else is in store. Be prepared for day 2 when we hit the con interviewing cosplayers and guests!

Danniel Slade

Slade started Temple of Geek in 2012 with his friend as a podcast. Since then, it has become a lot more. His obsessions are Transformers, Star Wars, Classic Video Games, Superheroes, and comedies. Slade's life was turned to the Darkside when his father gave him a gift in 1985. He was presented with the leader of the Decepticons, Megatron. Since then, Slade has become a collector of the robots in disguise. The only other thing that comes close to Slade's love of Transformers is Star Wars. He has met a few of the cast over the years. Slade's one goal in life is to meet with George Lucas and just discuss movies with him.