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DC, Make These Into Animated Movies NOW!!

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DC’s animation department has been killing it with their animated films. From Justice League: Doom to Throne of Atlantis, Batman Arkham Knights to Batman: Escape from Arkham, Superman: Doomsday to Superman vs The Elite; these films just get better and better with every release. DC is starting to concentrate on their current iteration of their characters by releasing films that take place in the New 52 universe, but I believe that there are some older stories that deserve to be given the animated treatment.

I have created this list based off of five of the greatest DC stories that I have ever read. These stories are near and dear to my heart. I believe that these stories deserve an animated film treatment. So, site back, relax, and here we go in no particular order.

5. Superman: For All Seasons

For All Seasons
This is my absolute favorite Superman story. This story was divided into four “seasons” or stories each from a character’s point of view. They tell the tale of the man who is Superman. The story illustrates that it is not powers that make someone super, it is the person. This story would translate so well in animation. Tim Sale’s artwork would really pop on screen. Bring back Tim Daley to provide the voice of Clark/Superman and you have an instant classic!

4. Batman: The Killing Joke

The Killing Joke
This dark origin story of the Joker is a must for all Batman fans. This story drwas a thin line between the sane and insane. What it means to be heroic and the sheer brutality of being a villain. In this story Joker is freed from Arkham and decides to go after Jim Gordon and his daughter to prove how deranged he is. This story goes into the origins of the Joker using flashbacks of the early years. One of Alan Moore’s masterpieces that deserves and animated treatment.

3. Crisis on Infinite Earths

Crisis on Infinite Earths
What is the DC universe without a CRISIS? Before these became a yearly event, there was only one CRISIS, and boy did it do some damage. Barry Allen is trapped in an endless limbo where he has to watch silently, the Anti-Monitor destroy all the universes of the Multi-Verse one by one. It takes the might of all the heroes from all the countless earths to stand together and defeat him. There are sacrifices along the way and at the end, a new beginning. This story is an important story to tell because it can explain why the multiverse is the way it is today and also show how heroic Barry Allen is.

2. Batman: The Long Halloween

Long Halloween
An tale from Batman’s early days of crime fighting, tells the tales of a murderer that only kills on the holidays. This story shows the friendship that batman had with Attorney Harvey Dent before he is transformed into the criminal known as Two-Face. This was a 12 part story that had you guessing to the very end who the “Holiday” killer was. This story would translate to the animated world so easily. It was designed as a noir type story. Any fan of Batman should beg DC to make this into an animated movie now!

1. Kingdom Come

Kingdom Come
This is By far my favorite comic book of time. I read this every year and I still notice new things every time I open the book. This is a story that is set in the not so distant future of the DC universe, which has gone completely out of control. There is a new generation of heroes that no longer understand what morals are. They are reckless and violent like the villains they fight. The Justice League come back together to fix what has happened and show the newer generation what being a hero truly means. This series would have two be a two-parter like the Dark Knight Returns. The final battle would take up at least the entire second movie. I would go nuts if this movie was released. This is a beautifully told story that the younger generation should have a chance to partake in.
Well, there you have it. My five that I want to be made into animated movies. Agree with this list? Leave me a comment below letting me know your 5 choices.

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