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Disney Princesses With a Dark New Twist

Happy Cosplay Friday! And happy Spooptober. As it is only 25 days till the great pumpkin lands on our doorsteps, it’s time to get spooky. How better to get spooky then checking out these dark twists on Disney classics.



Remember Snow White? The sweetest of Disney Princesses? Well she isn’t quite so sweet anymore.

Glam and Gore is an LA based makeup artists who takes beautiful things and makes them just a little bit more twisted.

 Remember Ariel?  She got a little to close to some aggressive fishermen and got hooked. All of Glam and Gore’s Disney Princess looks are inspired stories of some dark encounters. With her makeup she creates amazing looks based on a twisted mind.

   Her sickly sweet Snow White vision tells tale of an apple with a little more of the not so fun side effects of poison.

What do we have here? Why a princess who should have learned that running and glass do not mix well.

Now here’s a princess everyone can relate to. The girl who got to sleep for a hundred years. Unfortunately for her learned soon after that a life time of sleep can wreck a girl’s insomnia.

Well here’s another princes who’s had an unfortunate twist of fate. Rapunzel’s long hair might be glamorous to look at, but seems that it’s quite a bad deal when it comes to knotting.

Although some may argue otherwise, what Disney lineup would be complete without Elsa thrown in? Glam and Gore’s frostbitten fantasy creates a fun time for all you visual horror freak.


Glam and Gore creates visual representations of regular Disney nightmares. To see more of her nightmarish organza, check out her Youtube page at https://www.youtube.com/user/GlamAndGoreMakeup.  With Halloween coming Glam and Gore’s tutorials are spooky enough to get you revved up for this Halloween season without ever leaving your bed. So be sure to check out her channel and have a happy Spooptober.

And as always,

have a geek filled day!

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