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The Best Cosplay Conventions: Ask TOG

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Looking for the best con with the best cosplays? We’re happy to help! Happy Cosplay Friday! And Con season to all you cosplayers out there getting ready for the year. Tis the season for cosplay. As Cosplay season comes around it seems only fitting to ask our staff, what convention have they seen the best cosplays at? Here are their answers!


Stacy Bishop (Digital Producer): Dragon Con; it’s a cosplay-centric convention to begin with, as well as one of the largest cons in the country. So many talented cosplayers and panels on making your own costumes.


Brian Lazarow (Writer): Comic-Con due to sheer size and variety.



Aaron Powell (Writer): SDCC hands down. That convention goes beyond the convention center and pretty much the entire city is involved.

Nathaniel Peinado (Writer): This is just based off of photos and word of mouth, because I have been to neither, are Emerald City Comic Con and Dragon Con.


Jose Vasquez (Photographer):  I would have to say Comic-Con and Anime Expo. Both cons the cosplayers go all out on their cosplays, plus if you can deal with the crazy heat in cosplay you have my respect.


Amanda Rosowski (Podcast and Gaming): London McM Comic-Con, it’s the world stage baby!


Monica Duarte (Social Media Coordinator):  I think when it comes to the most spectacular displays of cosplay, it would have to be Dragon Con, San Diego Comic Con and Emerald City Comic Con. I have seen first hand the quality of the cosplay at San Diego. But the pictures that come out of the other two conventions are always pretty amazing. Blizz Con also has a fantastic display of cosplay. The cosplays that come out of Blizz Con have so much compliacted armor, color, and detail on these video game style cosplays. I highly recommend for our reader to go through some of the hashtags on social media for the cons I listed above (#ECCC#SDCC#BLIZZCON#DRAGONCON). I am always blown away by the creativity of the cosplay community.


Maggie Boccella (Writer): I’m gonna be super biased and say my home con, Steel City Con. The amount of creativity that goes into such complicated cosplays from people who often hardly have the time or money to make things of such grandeur always blows me away. They’re so much fun to photograph and to work with, and everybody is always so sweet. Pittsburgh pride extends beyond our sports and into the arts and Steel City Con certainly shows that off.


Do you agree with our staffs picks? Comment below what con you think has the best cosplays.


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