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Doctor Strange Casting And Characters

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We all know that Doctor Strange is slowly approaching. We at least can cling to the fact that it starts filming next month, right!? So let’s get up to date on the cast!

Rachel Mcadams:

Rachel’s name has been tossed around for a few weeks, but is most currently being currently speculated that she will play the Night Nurse.



Chiwetel Ejiofor:

Ok, I’ll write about this guy really quick because the more I try to say his name, the more my brain hurts. This fellow has been confirmed to play Baron Mordo. He is heavily featured in Strange’s back story and will be quite a rival.


Tilda Swinton: 

She has been officially cast as “The Ancient One.” This is a last minute, Gender-Swaping change for the character. The Ancient One is a major player in Stephen’s life as she is the person who taught him the ways of the mystic arts and he/she was the previous Sorcerer Supreme of Earth.



Mads Mikkelsen: 

He is currently rumored to be playing the films main villain but this is still unconfirmed my Marvel.


Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch CBE:

We all know and love him. If you don’t, well frankly you shouldn’t really be here. Just kidding! He’s amazing at Sherlock and was great in the Imitation Games, and truthfully if you know anything about Doctor Strange you know he’s perfect for this role. Also, if you didn’t know that was his full name I hope you found that amusing, I mean how English could this man be! And yes CBE, he was Knighted!



That’s all the Strange news for now, but be assured I’ll keep you updated!

Ps Thank you Daniel for letting me join your blog!



– Hunter P, Geek out!