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Family Don’t End in Sweat, Boy!

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If you are a member of any fandom and frequent social media, it’s likely that you’re very aware of the strong bond of anyone involved, cast, crew or fan, in Supernatural. We call ourselves the SPNFamily, and as the show progressed more and more instances have come up to make that ring true.  Whether it be holding each other through gut wrenching moments in the show, or joining together to let those on brink of suicide know they have folks who love them, it’s a family through the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Recently there have been all sorts of tweets and tags about SPNFit.  I’ll be honest, at first I thought it was another beginning of the year health fad, but these ladies have not only gained some traction, but they’ve helped a decent number of people!

Not being able to resist something that helps folk out, I reached out to the ladies to get a little bit more information!


What inspired you to start SPNfit?

SPNfit started out as a support group among the five of us to keep us motivated and accountable to each other. Though each of us have different health goals we knew we needed a good support system to keep us on track. Each of us have tried making changes on our own and have never been consistently successful. SPNfit was our way of joining together and pushing through to make those changes permanent.

I see tweets about it in my feed all the time! Did you expect it to catch on the way it did?

None of us expected this to take off the way it did. Initially it was intended to be something for the five of us, with the potential of adding a few friends. Tc had the wonderful idea to see if Matt Cohen would retweet #SPNfit. When he did it just kind of exploded. Soon all of us were reaching out to SPN cast and crew members to see if we could spread the word. After Matt we were fortunate enough to get Tahmoh Penikett, Mark Pelligrino, Jim Michaels and others to retweet #SPNfit, and it has just snowballed. It’s inspiring to see the SPNfamily supporting each other in any and all aspects of each other’s lives.

You guys just did a tee shirt run benefiting Random Acts (magnificent charity) was that as successful as you’d hoped?

Yes! The SPNfit community raised $276.91 for Random Acts. The campaign ran when SPNfit was only 2 weeks old, so we didn’t really know what the response to it would be. Alli did much of the heavy lifting in spreading the word and setting up the campaign, and Lindsay (@mishaddict) created an awesome design for the shirt. That we (as in the SPNfit family) were able to raise that kind of money for a very worthy charity is great.

*this has relaunched – see their Twitter for more details

What do you hope will happen as things progress with SPNfit?

We just hope that the group can continue to inspire, motivate, and support each other. It’s overwhelming the amount of support this group has provided for many members, as well as the support provided by many of the members. We’d love to see that support system continue to grow. We want everyone to feel like they can succeed in making those permanent lifestyle changes, whatever those changes are. This group has been amazing to stick to that message so far, and we’d like to see that continue.

Do you have anything you want to say to folks thinking about joining the movement?

This group is amazing for the support needed to make healthy life-long habits. There is no shaming or hate allowed, only love and support. The joy of reaching your own personal goals is shared by everyone. We get as excited about your success as you do. This group isn’t about being a fad or a quick fix. Being a part of this group means finding and providing support to make those hard lifestyle changes. Ultimately these changes need to be for you, not for the group and not for anyone else. The group is just here to motivate and support you in your changes. We’re SPNfamily.


There you have it, folks.  Motivating people, changing things, the SPNFit business!  Whether you’re a hunter ready to gear up to take on some demons, or a civilian who just needs a good group to keep them motivated, you can find out more about SPNFit over at their Twitter account (@SPNfit)