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Fan Art Friday : “IT”

“IT” is an American horror film based on Stephen King’s 1986 novel. The story of an ancient, shape-shifting evil that emerges from the sewer every 27 years to prey on the town’s children has become the biggest movie in the country. For Fan Art Friday we give you some of our favorite interpretations from some of our favorite Instagram artists.

IT is a winner! 🎈 My painting from earlier this year was selected one of the winners in the 'It Fanart Contest' and was featured at a Gallery in Los Angeles at the big 'It Art Exhibition' prior to the @itmovieofficial premiere. 🎈 I could not attend myself but my painting was sent there with FedEx all the way from Sweden and was framed by Warner Brothers for the exhibition. 🎈 Currently the painting is at Warner Brother Studios and I am eagerly trying to get hold of footage of it being in the exhibit. And waiting for it's safe return home. That's why you get this Lovely thowback of It for now. 🎈 Ps. Yesterday was the Swedish premiere and I am going to see It tonight! ————————————————- ➡ SEE MORE #HorrorArtByOso ————————————————- #it #itmovie #itfanart #pennywise #billskarsgard #billskarsgård #horror_sketches #Horrormovie #stephenking #stephenkingsit #painting #painter #art #artist #artwork #artbyosopaintings #fanart #fanartist #artstudio #artgallery #arts #arts_help #artistsofinstagram #artistic #horrorart #draw #drawing #illustration #pennywisetheclown

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"IT" is such a sick movie! Spent my pennywise going and seeing this! 🥁

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Which one is your favorite? Tell is in the comments!

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