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Fan Expo Dallas – Saturday May 30th 2015

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FB_20150531_20_02_33_Saved_PictureIt’s that time of year fans: Comic Con, by way of Dallas, 2015. What a turn out! TOG members Paul and Stacy were there covering the event, and snapped a few photos for your viewing pleasure. Danniel, Vince, Marcus, and Jeff were there in force, grabbing some personal interviews with some of the guests on Sunday. If you’ve ever been on the fence whether or not to go, you shouldn’t be. Aside from the celebrity guests, the cosplayers get really creative in their costumes, and it’s a pleasant site to see such “geekdom” all around. You would definitely fit in. It may be a one time thing or you might enjoy yourself so much, you might even make it a several time thing. We tend to think the latter. GO TO ONE! Until next year, and the next convention.


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Paul is an aspiring filmmaker. He breathes, eats and craps out movies. To sum up: Paul is the Movie Guy! A living “IMDB” in the making. Aside from that, he loves anything geek associated. From comics, to costumes, to conventions, to video games. He is the founder of Phantom Banshee Films and along with Danniel, he will be using his talents and techniques, to help bring you T.O.G fans a little more to the Podcast experience. Paul’s favorite quotes include: “whatever, continue, and our personal favorite, “I hope it doesn’t suck”!”