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Final Day of Comic Con

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As Comic Con concluded today, I feel the last day was its most daunting; with so many fans, geeks, clubs and well just about everyone else who had to get their last minute fill of Comic Con 2015. The convention halls were packed like sardines and it seemed even more so than a new attraction at Disneyland on Opening Day. The constant shoving and pushing and people damn near falling over each other let alone themselves to get that next freebie. And speaking of freebies they were plentiful including the free shuttle ride to the convention in case you were one of the lucky ones who had to park literally a mile away. Parking closer to the venue seemed to go up in $10 increments for the convenience. Parking at the Petco Park parking lot was an easy $40, a parking lot closer was $50. But back to those freebies, all the buzz was on winning something or getting something (in most cases all you had to do was let them scan your badge…. data capture) but in order to see anything or get anything worthwhile there was a line no less than 60 minutes for just about everything. The lines got longer by the minute as people multiplied just as fast as gremlins once hit by water; sadly this was due in part to people holding places in lines for all their friends and while there were staff/vendor members holding their cute little signs “End of Line Starts Here”, “Line Break”, “Continuation of Line Starts Here” and various others; none of these sign holders prevented people from bringing in their friends and you know some geeks travel in hardcore packs so your one person closer turned into your ten people closer and so on and so forth. Something must be implemented to avoid this at future conventions. It’s just bad etiquette.

Hall H was all the buzz this year and the line for that wound up outside and under a tent and was even longer than the lines for the other halls. Hall H queue was equivalent to waiting in queue trying to get into Disneyland during one of their 24 hour events; you know that getting in line early isn’t going to help or get you in any faster. If you’re claustrophobic you may want to take a chill pill as you’ll be bombarded with people on top of you, even with the massive A/C units pumping cold air into the halls the mass amounts of people coupled with those few in costume just diminished the cool air. You might as well have been outdoors it was so warm. One vendor (Tamashii Nations @booth #3545) was handing out personal fans (nice fancy durable reusable plastic fans and not those paper or on paint stick fans) to help cool yourself when you were melting away waiting in one of above mentioned lines. If you’ve ever sat in rush hour traffic add ten fold to your experience and that would be how slow the people were moving. Don’t plan on using the restroom that was like once you’re on the motorway you couldn’t exit if you wanted to.  But by this being the last day of Comic Con, you could sense the staff’s exhaustion, some you could tell just wanted it to be over. Staff attitudes were a bit much as well as some of the vendors (those not selling or taking your money but those who were giving away freebies) it was if you were being punished because they had to be there all day every day. I’m sorry you don’t like your job, now this does not apply to all of the vendors, there were some who were die hard batteries just as the attendees.

If you attended Comic Con this year then you already know how to plan ahead, for those of you who didn’t attend but are hoping to attend one in the future, planning is key. Some vendors only take cash, some only take credit card, some take both. You’ll need to arrive as early as possible as with most of us geeks we want to see it first, now multiply that by thousands and you’ll get the idea. Additionally it’s not like how its made out to be on TV and everyone in some sort of get up. Day one yes there are several people out and there are tons of photo ops, day four not so much;  I noticed far fewer people in costume. I had my camera out at all times in hopes of getting all the craze that is Comic Con throughout the convention but was slightly disappointed. Wear comfortable shoes as well as shoes you won’t mind people stepping on and spilling stuff on. There is no wiggle room and don’t let something or someone awesome and amazing come out because all foot traffic comes to a complete stop and cameras fly out quicker than a celebrity caught by paparazzi.

   Sadly there was not a huge Star Trek presence, the Roddenberry booth normally has a bigger presence at these events. But for those of you living in the LA area and even for those of you who don’t something new and exciting for all us geeks is headed our way. The Hollywood Sci-Fi Museum! Yes; that’s right opening 2016 our very own Sci-Fi which will house the Hall of Cars featuring the DeLorian from Back To The Future, Bubble Bee from Transformers, several of Batman’s vehicles from all genres of the series. But what about those robot geeks, yes there’s something for you too with Daleks from Dr. Who and many more. My personal favorite that I can’t wait for is the Hall of Ships which will house the famous Galaxy Class Starship Enterprise more info can be had on that at hollywoodscific.com and for all of those horror lovers out there, there’s the Hollywood Horror Museum also opening in 2016. hollywoodhorror.org 

In closing I would recommend if at all possible to shoot for the full four days; one day isn’t going to cut it.