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5 Cosplay Essentials For The New Year

Happy Cosplay Friday and happy New Year! 2018 is a new year and a new time for cosplay. To prepare yourself for all the new cosplays to be made, check out our list of top five cosplay essentials. Strap yourself down for some incredible cosplay deals.


1. 60 Inch Roll of Worbla

   Worbla are mold-able sheets of plastics that can be heated with a hairdryer and forms into any cosplay acsessories your mind can imagine. Get a 60 inch roll on Amazon for $14amazon.com/Darice-Foamie



2. Gold Spraypaint

The uses for metallic spraypaint are limitless. Whether you’re adding a metallic shine to the Wind Waker or making those Wonder Woman shinguards this is an ideal paint to have on hand. Get an 8 ounce can from Walmart.com for $9walmart.com/ip/Metallic-Spray-Paint



3.Hot Glue Gun


This is one of the most important items to have when creating cosplays. It has countless uses and can be rolled up and taken virtually anywhere. Which is especially useful for those at the con quick fixes. Get a 4 star rated glue gun for $7 here. walmart.com/ip/Surebonder-Dual-Melt



4.Cosplay Contacts

Available in perscription and non-perscription, colored cosplay contacts add that extra pop of realism to your cosplays. Get a pair for $21 at Pinky Paradise. pinkyparadise.com/GEO-Animation


5. Craft Foam

Craft foam is perfect for details on cosplays. It is soft and moldable. Get a 50 pack from Amazon for $16amazon.com/craftfoam


All of these products are handpicked to keep your cosplays top notch and effortless.  Be sure to get all of these essentials for your upcoming 2018 cosplay year. And from every at Temple of Geek, have a happy and safe new year!


And as always,

Have a geek filled week!




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