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Five Sugar Skull Looks That Deserve to Be Appreciated.

Happy cosplay Friday! And Happy belated Day of the Dead. This holiday is all about the celebration of life and not forgetting our friends and loves ones that have died. Undoubtedly, an important part of this holiday are Sugar Skulls. Sugar Skulls are originally made of clay molded sugar and placed on the graves of loved ones to honor them. But today, Sugar Skull designs are work as makeup looks for this holiday. In celebration and remembrance of those passed, here is a list of Sugar Skull looks that deserve appreciation.



   Soft brush strokes and contrast are are used by Arnela. She creates intricate designs utilizing lines and dots. The design is equal on both sides. This creates a symmetrical Sugar Skull look worthy of the holiday.

Lets Makeup Blog

   Lets Makeup Blog dives into the rich royal blues and leafy greens to create a plant centered Sugar Skull look. In legends Marigolds use their color and scent to guide the spirits to their respective altars during Day of the Dead. Remarkably, this Sugar Skull look seeks to guide viewers hearts.


Natalie Munoz


Ready for cool gold tones? Youtuber Natalie Munoz takes a non-tradition color choice route on her Sugar Skull look. Confidently, she chooses to lean into the cool yellow tones and the icy blues. In Natalie’s case this color choice makes for a beautiful look.


Marcie Liizabeth

    Although this look may not be the most traditional, Marcie has created a stunning look that causes you to do a double take. Her face in painted in such a way that her Sugar Skull makeup looks more like an actual mask. The white with black outline is a bold and attention grabbing choice.  Overall the look leaves jaws dropping.


Rebekah Banks

    Looking for something a little more pastel princess? Rebekah brings it with the rosy pink look. Her soft color choices leave room for the Sugar Skull designs to shine. Not surprisingly, everything about this look scream femininity.


Hopefully, you had a wonderful Day of the Dead this year. Let us not forget those who have passed on, and let us also remember them more than one day a year. Happy Day of the Dead!


And as always,

Have a geek filled day!



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