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Game of Thrones
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Game of Thrones Elections – Who Will You Nominate for the Iron Throne?

Game of Thrones has been feeling a bit left out of this years Presidential Race in the United States. I mean after all the most sought after throne is up for grabs for anyone willing to fight and die for it. And I was referring to the Iron Throne, not the chair in The White Houses’ Oval Office (I think).

On Monday August 1st, HBO’s Game of Thrones launched its own election campaign for The Iron Throne of Westeros and we, the viewers, get to vote for which candidate team we feel deserves to sit upon the Iron Throne. TBH, that throne looks terribly uncomfortable, but I digress.

I know this sounds ridiculous, but after you see the Game of Thrones Election video you might just change your mind and cast your vote.

As you can see, we have quite a selection to choose from. Who will you vote for?

The Candidates

1. Daenerys Targaryen with Tyrion Lannister

Game of Thrones

2. Jon Snow, The White Wolf, with Lyanna Mormont

Game of Thrones

Source: Tumblr

Game of Thrones

Source: Tumblr

3. Cersei Lannister with Qyburn

Game of Thrones

Source: Tumblr

*Currently sitting on the Iron Throne after she blew up half of King’s Landing and Tommen killed himself

4. Petyr Baelish with Sansa Stark -> This is a surprising match up, but when you truly think about it, we all totally saw this coming. 

Game of Thrones

Where to Vote

Visit the Game of Thrones Party website to cast your vote for the team you want to see ruling over Westeros from the Iron Throne. You have just under a month to cast your vote. You can cast your vote once a day for the party of your choice.

Who will you vote for? Who will be the Game of Thrones’ Party Nominee for the Iron Throne?

Let us know who choose in the comments below. Until next time… May the odds be ever in your favor.

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