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Temple Railroad and Heritage Museum Geek Out! Family Day

On Saturday, February 3rd 2018, the Temple Railroad & Heritage Museum hosted its annual “Geek Out! Day.” Temple of Geek was in attendance to check out what type of geekiness the local community could provide.

First up, Bell County Comic Con was present to promote their 2nd annual convention coming up August 4th and 5th. They had their prop make showing off some of his creations as well as their cosplay group.

There were all sorts of groups present advertising special programs for families and their children. Some of those groups consisted of a robot builder’s group, a programming group and an engineering group. While all those programs are great, especially for little ones, there was a group that caught my eye. That group is Legos for Littles!

Legos for Littles is a 501(c)3 charity whose goal is to deliver Legos to children in less fortunate situations! You can check out their organization by heading to their Facebook page, Legos for Littles. If you have Legos to donate, you should contact Legos4Littles@gmail.com. What caught my eye was the epic sets they had on display. From the Millennium Falcon to The Ghostbusters’ fire station, these sets were amazing in their scale and design. I know that they are official Lego kits, but they are amazing to see in person!

This was a small, but fun event for families! This was my second year in attendance and I had a a blast chatting with fellow geeks. If you live in the Cetral Texas Area and want to know more about the Temple Railroad and Heritage Museum and the events that take place there, head to their website at www.templerrhm.org to find out more. For now, I want to leave you with a few more pictures that I took of the event…


Next time on Temple of Geek. We we find out what this strange device is….

Geek Out


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