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Geekery Update: Stuff to Love on the Day of Love

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Today’s edition has all of the Valentine’s day necessities: Candy (crush), an unrequited love story (for aliens), assassin’s of the creed variety, and much more!

Sweeting the Deal

King Digital Entertainment, the developers of the sugary delight that is Candy Crush, bought mobile game company Z2 for up to $150 million, $45 million of which was paid up front in cash. King is hoping to “diversify their company” with more gaming genres. With Z2 most well known for, “Battle Nations,” we’re certainly hoping for some really exciting mobile gaming opportunities in the future. (via GeekWire)

Let’s Make a (parkour-filled) date!

via FilmGameSetc

The Assassin’s Creed franchise will be soaring into cinemas December 21, 2016 and currently is undergoing its production phase. The leading role in the movie will be played by young!Magneto Michael Fassbender. Marion Cotillard was also cast in an unannounced role in the film. Chief executive officer Yves Guillemot is keeping more secrets from us than Abstergo Industries, but Fassbender assured fans last year the movie will respect the games, but still have its own unique spin. (via Gamespot and Game Informer)

How Roman-tech!

Americans love their traditions, but chocolates and romantic cards are now the side show to getting fancy technology for Valentine’s Day. A survey conducted by Ebates.com revealed that 1 in 5 Americans (19%) want laptops and 16% want tablets. But don’t go throwing out your flowers into the trash quite yet! 77% of Americans associate flowers still mean “romance.” (via KWWT)

SETI and its Unrequited Love Problem

via CafeineReine on Etsy
via CafeineReine on Etsy

During the American Association for the Advancement of Science conference, the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence institute (SETI) urged for the science community to step up the search. They have been listening and looking for signals patiently for 30 years and feel it’s time to send out a message. Those against sending out communication argue that it could lead to dangerous consequences since we don’t know enough about what could be lying dormant in the void of space. (via CNET)

How Does Love Affect Your Body?

Buzzfeed helped us fall in love all over again with love. Here’s a quick look at some of the science behind this wonderful experience.