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Geekery Update: Graysons and Grodd and Gaming, Oh My!

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Don’t worry if you were distracted by excitement for SNL’s 40th anniversary last night. We’ve got you covered this morning with a few awesome stories to get your day going: News about Star Wars: Battlefront, Deadpool, The Flash, and Gotham!

High Flying Adventure

The Flying Graysons will make their debut appearance in tonight’s episode. For anyone new to the Batman universe, the first Robin was Dick Grayson, a young boy who had a trapeze artist family. Bruce Wayne eventually invites Dick to become his partner in crime…but that’s getting too far ahead. This week, we will be introduced to his parents, John Grayson and Mary Llyod, and learning about their love story. (via ScreenRant)


Speaking of DC character introductions, CW released a teaser trailer for The Flash with none other than our favorite gorilla antagonist, Gorilla Grodd. In the first episode, we had hints of his existence, but it looks like we will be seeing him on the show much sooner than later. The show  has already introduced a lot of the comic’s most iconic characters: Captain Cold, Heatwave, Pied Piper and the Reverse Flash. It’ll be interesting to see what content and surprises the writers in store for us.

Ready the Battlefront

More news is in regarding gameplay and plot for the next Star Wars: Battlefront coming this holiday season.(via Nerd Reactor)

  • The campaign will take place through all of the films and will allow players to experience all the sides of the universe (ie: the Republic and the Rebellion ) and the bad (ie: Separatists and Empire).
  • However, players will be spending most of their time in the original trilogy era, leading up to right before the events of Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens
  • There will be all the battles you would expect, like the Battle of Hoth. This means the game will be a lot longer compared to its predecessor.
  • There won’t be many spoilers for Episode VII, but a character from the new film with the last name of Tarkin, will be introduced.
  • Multiplayer has been turned up to 32 players
  • Five DLCs have been announced to be released before the end of this year, 2-3 of which will be centered around The Force Awakens. The DLCs will also allow players to access at least 3 new maps, new characters, and new types of X-Wings and TIE fighters

Dead-On Casting

via World of Entertainment

Two more actors have been announced to join the Deadpool movie cast: Former MMA fighter Gina Carano (Fast and Furious 6) and T.J. Miller (Silicon Valley). Carano has been cast as Angel Dust, a mutant with superhuman strength that was first featured in Morlocks, a comic about a group of mutants forced to relocate underground. Miller’s role is still unannounced, but we do know he will be providing “comedic relief” to the movie. (via Entertainment Weekly and the Morlocks comic-book)