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Geekery Update: Temple Rundown of the Week

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Our Friday edition of the Geekery update is out! Take a look at our favorite events that have happened this week.


You can hate him all you want, but you gotta admit, Aquaman has some style. Zack Synder of Cruel Films released a first look of Jason Momoa as the The King of the Seas, along with the mysterious caption “Unite The Seven.”  What could he mean? The Seven Seas? The seven main Justice League members? The Seven Kingdoms of Westeros?!!! Looks like we will have to wait and see for now…

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 1.15.41 AM
via @ZackSynder

Hasbro Has Not

The Mary Sue reported that Hasbro issued a rather snide statement to The Jedi Temple Archive about how they feel they are doing in Star Wars merchandising, but then they quickly retracted it. When first asked to comment if there is enough female representation, Hasbro responded with a simple yes. This is surprising since,  according to The Mary Sue “729 products in their line are listed for boys; 25 appear to be arbitrarily listed as “both;” and 6—that’s six—toys are for girls.  Following the publication of the article, Hasbro responded with their newly worded answer:

Hasbro actually has some great new characters from Rebels hitting shelves now such as Sabine and Hera and have recently been releasing more females within our Black Series and Saga Legends line such as Mara Jade, Toryn Farr, Bastila Shan, Luminara Unduli, Padma Amidala (Geonosis), and a number of great Leia’s such as Ep IV, Endor, and the awesome Boushh disguise that was revealed at NYCC.

Smooth recovery but tell that to poor Hera, the pilot of the Phantom in the new series Star Wars: Rebels, who is not even sold with her ship, but her companion, Kanan Jarrus, takes her place. And where’s Sabine, the kickass graffiti artist Mandalorian? It’s nice to know that Hasbro does have a nice female line up, but will the kids recognize Toryn Farr or Bastila Shan are? Maybe, they’ll know who Mara Jade, but come on, Hasbro, give our ladies of Star Wars: Rebels some more love. (via The Mary Sue)

Missed me?

Doctor Who fans won’t have to wait long for the return of The Master. Michelle Gomez portrayed the first female incarnation of The Master (“Missy,”) last season and will be back with just as much sass and neuroticism as ever (*squeel*).  Additionally, Kelly Hunter, Clare Higgins and Jaye Griffiths, and returning actress Hettie MacDonald (Kate Lethbridge-Stewart) will also be guest-starring in the two-part opening. Despite many rumors, Jenna Coleman will be returning as Clara Oswald, the current companion to Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor. The current titles of the episodes are “The Magician’s Apprentice” and “The Witch’s Familiar,” but remember rule number one: Steven Moffat lies. Series 9 returns next fall. (via Cinemablend)

via Coming Soon
via Coming Soon

Magical Moment

Disney continues to be surprise us with their creative advertising. The most recent stunt, part of the “Disney Side” campaign involved–actually, we’re not gonna spoil the surprise. Just watch the video.

Temple Rundown of the Week

Here’s a quick recap of some of our favorite stories we covered this week:

How do you feel about Aquaman’s edgy new look? Are you looking forward to the return of Missy/The Master? What are your thoughts on Hasbro’s Star Wars toy production? Our Bat-signal is broken, so please leave a comment below or share your thoughts on our Twitter and Facebook!