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Gotham Season 1 Thoughts

I am pretty proud of myself! I finished season 1 of Gotham. It was really painful in the beginning and I swear, I was going to give up on the show. I hung in there though because, I had nothing better to do on Monday nights, so why not.

You may remember back in November, I wrote and article on how to refine fall’s new shows.  In that article, I broke down my thoughts for the show Gotham. One of my concerns was that I felt the show was trying to introduce the audience to all of Batman’s rogues as quickly as they could. I believed they did this to make sure that the the viewers knew this was Batman’s universe.


I felt that this was supposed to be a show about Jim Gordon and the corruption of the GCPD. I was hoping to see a drama that involved a heroic cop cleaning up an organization that was so corrupt that there was no possible way of saving it. But each week, we were introduced to characters that would later become some of Batman’s greatest villains. It continued all the way up to a child that may or may not have been the Joker. I was loosing interest in the show with every episode. The only thing that kept me watching was the excellent performance of Ben McKenzie as Jim Gordon.

The Ogre

Then something happened. Around episode 18, the show stopped introducing villains from the rogues gallery and started a story that involved Jim and the crime bosses. We see Jim go against the corrupt commissioner and a corrupt detective named Flass, who he previously brought charges against. We see this Commissioner Loeb retaliate against Gordon by tricking him into looking into a cold case that put Barbara in danger. We got introduced to an original character called the Ogre. This arc lasted several episodes as Jim investigated the case and eventually brought the ogre down at the cost of Barbara’s sanity.

I realized, I was actually starting to enjoy this show! This was what I was hoping Gotham would be. I actually was seeing Jim Gordon take on corruption in the Gotham PD. This is amazing! This is Fantastic! This is over? The last 5 episodes of the season was the show I wanted to see.

Now don’t get me wrong. There was bits and pieces of this story element throughout the season. In order to see it, you had to dig through the story or Bruce Wayne, Selena Kyle, and the Penguin. You had to endure the Harvey Dents, Pamela Isleys, Jonathan Cranes (which was not a bad arc) and the is he or isn’t he cameo of the Joker.


I look forward to season two. As long as they continue this path of Gordon battling Loeb and the corruption of Gotham, count me in! One side note I would like to add. Is it just me or did the Riddler’s story really pick up at the end? Just saying. Here’s to season 2 Fox! Don’t let me down.

What did you think of this season? Doyou agree with me or did you feel this show was perfect the way it was? Sound off below!

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