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Hailing frequencies open….

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That’s right folks, what you see pictured above is indeed an actual working real-life Star Trek Communicator! Finally all of us geeks out in cyber land and beyond especially those fans of Star Trek are finally getting what we’ve always wanted…. A working communicator! You can now flip open your communicator and truly say “beam me up” and there be someone on the other end of hear you and while your atoms may not be scattered about as you dematerialized you will however have bragging rights. The communicator is currently on sale now, however won’t be delivered to antsy fans until December/January.

This may just be a novelty; but yours truly has already placed an order for one to sit atop my desk! If you think about lots of the technology we have today has derived from Star Trek. Shields up as we travel through a wormhole. The iPad quintessentially is an updated PADD (Personal Access Data Display) from Star Trek…. and before those Smart Phones, anyone remember the rave over that Motorola Razor which resembled the flip communicator just modernized, one could say the entire flip phone craze derived from the communicator. Fast forward to today, the idea of Bluetooth technology can be closely related to the Com Badge from TNG (The Next Generation) of Star Trek, rather than being worn on the left chest, we simply wear them in our ear; however, concept is the same…. tap to talk…voila wireless communication hands fee. Secretly Star Trek has and continues to shape our world. Resistance is futile!