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Happy Birthday Chris Evans!

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Today is absolutely a day worth celebrating… well in my personal opinion it is. Today, June 13th makes it the 34th birthday for our favorite Captain, Chris Evans! WOOHOO!!!!


Chris Evans was born in Boston, Mass. to a very loving family that he talks about all the time. He has said in many interviews that when he is not working, he’s back in his family home spending time with his loved ones. He is an exceptional actor with a heart so big, I’m smiling just thinking about it. And yes he is just so freaking adorable in every way that sometimes I will admit that it is hard not to just melt into a happy, giggling mess.

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I know, I know I digress, but seriously…


THE SMILE…. Okay, back to why we are here. THE BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION!

Chris Evans has been stealing the stage and finding a special place in all of our hearts for many years. He was graced the screen in many different roles and in many different film genres. He has been a teenage football player in a ridiculous parody comedy, a Human Torch, the sexy, guitar playing bad boy who falls in love with his neighbor, and a shield carrying hero in Stars and Stripes.

giphyBut acting isn’t all he does, he is frequently active on twitter sharing with his fans a glimpse into his every life and believe me we are so thankful for everything that he is willing to share with us. Privacy is difficult as a celebrity, so for him to out rightly share part of his personal life with his fans is very kind. (Also we so know you troll on Tumblr sir, Dorito)

Also, just in case you forgot (which you probably didn’t), Chris Evans and Chris Pratt got into a little friendly competition over this past years Superbowl and well, I will let the pictures speak for themselves. Captain America and Starlord made some children very happy and that is worth sharing.

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I had the pleasure a few years ago of meeting Chris Evans at Disneyland while I was working. He was extremely kind and gracious and just an all around wonderful human being. It was an honor to meet him, even if it was only for a few minutes while he was getting on the Matterhorn. One of my personal favorite moments.

Anywho…. Lets keep this celebration rolling with some clips from some of his most memorable roles and some of my other favorite moments  because I’m selfish and the writer and he’s one of my favorite actors so. All I have to really say is YOU’RE WELCOME 😉

Let’s begin with 7 seconds of adorableness. It’s the best way to start I think.

I’ll just say this now that I am a big fan of the way he laughs. He always grabs his left boob or two hands across his chest. Seriously though its adorable.

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Anyways here some of his movies in no particular order…. PS I might include a favorite scene that might make you cry. I apologize in advance.

Captain America – 2011

Captain America: The Winter Soldier – 2014

(I’m sorry) This is one of my favorite moments

What’s Your Number? – 2011

Not the best quality, but hey you can hear him sing

Push – 2009

The Perfect Score – 2004

Thor: The Dark World – 2013 (This part is so funny)

Snowpiercer – 2014

And of course, Avengers: Age of Ultron – 2015

Chris Evans will, of course, be returning as our favorite hero in the Stars and Stripes in Captain America: Civil War.

Happy Birthday Chris Evans! And thank you with all of our hearts here at Temple of Geek.



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