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Hollywood Comedy Shorts Film Festival Presented by bitpix

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The 2nd annual Hollywood Comedy Shorts Film Festival is set to begin Friday, April 14th through Sunday, April 16th. This year over 110 short comedies will be screened at the TCL Chinese 6 Theater in Hollywood, California. The overall winning short comedy will receive an exclusive prize and a pitch meeting with Project Greenlight Digital Studios.

All eligible films will be screened during the competition at this year’s festival. Project Greenlight Digital Studios is an open, story-driven creative community that exists to empower the next generation of great filmmakers.


Tickets for this film festival are on sale now. You can purchase single day or all-access passes by visiting the festivals website. With your tickets you can watch nearly 110 comedy shorts, attend parties, and participate in filmmaker Q&A sessions which will take place Saturday and Sunday.

Comedy Films to See

110 comedy short films is an incredible amount of films to consume in one weekend, but thankfully I have a few films that you will definitely want to make a point to see while attending the festival. Although, if you are determined to see them all don’t let me stop you.

Remember, these are official selections so they are trying to win that blue ribbon!


Of course, these are not the only films that are after that exclusive prize, but these one’s have some names you might recognize!

The following are the officially selected short films starring: Emma Thompson (High Road by Justin Harwood), Alec Baldwin (Curse of Don Sarducci by Chris Fondulas), Linda Hamilton (Shoot Me Nicely by Misha Calvert), Erik Boccio’s Wiretap Scars features Mike Starr, Samm Levine, Kevin Pollak, and Scott Murphy.

Other selected titles include:  Neil Patrick and Harris: The Chronicles of Conjoined Triplets by Adam Fynke and Jesse Eisenberg Uses the Urinal by Alec Brown.

That last film listed above…..


I feel like that is a film that I need to see. Do you think he will really be using the urinal or is this the movie version of click bait????? I don’t know.

The Festival

Anyways, the Hollywood Comedy Shorts will feature the officially accepted filmmakers, talent from the films and a variety of stand up comedians. The festival is helping to highlight the next generation of comedy voices creating short form content.  This year’s festival will feature 3 days of screenings, receptions, power panels and more all in Hollywood. Sponsors include BITPIX and GotVape. The festival also features a comedy screenplay competition.

Honestly, there is so much going on I don’t know how I will be able to see all I want to see in one day. That’s right folks, Temple of Geek will be attending this festival to bring you exclusive content! I will be there on Saturday, April 15th to take in as much as I can and snapping a million pictures of course.


Visit their website today to get your ALL ACCESS pass and to figure out what films you want to see so you don’t miss anything!

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