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How to Refine Fall’s New Shows

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Fall TV

I, like most of you, am totally digging all the new shows that premiered this fall. With The Flash, Gotham, and Constantine being added to the already successful Agents of Shield and Arrow, I cannot express how lucky we geeks are to live in a day an age where we get this much superhero live action television each week.

These shows are great with some being more enjoyable than others. I used to watch any superhero show on television without nitpicking because we never had many options. Now with 5 shows, and more being discussed, I find myself finding faults and coming up with ways to improve the shows.

Here is how I would “fix” this season’s new shows

 The Flash

The Flash Title Card

This series is amazing! Spinning off from the successful The Arrow television series, this show started off with a bang and has been getting better each week. We are now 5 episodes into the series and I noticed something that shot off a red flag, this show has become a showcase for the “Freak of the Week” much like Smallville had done many years prior.

The Flash, like many other DC heroes, has an impressive Rogue Gallery that I cannot wait to see portrayed on the small screen, but I do not need to see every single one of them this season! The writers should treat this series like a comic book. Every few episode could be a story arc that ties into the over-all season’s arc. You don’t think that formula works? Look how successful Arrow Season two was.

The Flash just introduce Captain Cold and we are getting ready to see Grodd and Captain Boomerang. Give us a multipart arc spanning 3 – 4 episodes building up these villains and giving Barry a chance to get knocked down. This way, at the end of the arc, we will root for the hero and celebrate with him when he triumphs over evil. Then hit us with the bigger arc and let us know that there is something bigger happening behind the scenes.


Gotham Title Card

This show started off week for me. It has gotten better over the last couple of weeks and I plan on finishing out the season to see where it goes. Gotham is what I have described as a fantastic cop drama taking place in a lame comicbook setting. The show’s writers are doing things in the show to force the audience to believe that this will be setting that Batman sets up shop at.

We are getting introduced to many of Batman’s Rouge Gallery. Let’s look at who we have seen so far. Carmine Falcone and Don Maroni, both characters prominent in the first year of Batman becoming a vigilante. We have been introduced to the Penguin and Edward Nygma, AKA The Riddler. Both of these characters will be prominent fixtures in the future Rogues Gallery. We have also seen Selina Kyle AKA Catwoman, Pamela Isley AKA Poison Ivy, and we are about to meet Harvey Dent AKA Two Face.

Now I know that these characters are not the villains they become in the future just yet, but why introduce them now? This show could be so awesome if they would have made it a Year One style story with Bruce already gone to train and Gordon working to save the city he was sworn to protect. I am okay with the crime bosses, it makes sense that they are in the story. It does not make sense that we are getting Harvey Dent.

Another thing they could do is maybe, fast forward the next season by five years. Show that Gotham is getting worse and that more and more “Freaks” are starting to show their faces. Gordon is moving up in the ranks and is becoming a trusted law enforcement officer. We begin to see the mustache and glasses that we are familiar with. Then we could fast forward again several years when we see Bruce return and start his run with vigilantism. This could lead up to when Batman Begins (See what I did there) and spin off from there.


Constantine Title Card

This is one of those shows that I was expecting not to like but find myself enjoying it more and more with every episode. The casting of John Constantine is perfect! I feel that this actors pulls off the character quite perfectly. The show has a “Supernatural” feel to it which I find hilarious because Supernatural took elements from Constantine.

There is not much I would do to fix this show. MY big complaint has already been addressed. They went with a different actress/character to play as Constatine’s sidekick. I hope that this series will get better and better over time. It was a nice touch to see Dr. Fate’s helmet in the first episode, but SHOW ME MORE FAN SERVICE!!!! He lives in the DC Universe, lets hear some name dropping or give us some team-ups with other characters (Swamp Thing anyone?)

That is all I have for this topic. If you all want to comment on how you would change things, sound off below. Now, if you excuse me, I have some TV to catch up with.

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