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The Internet Welcomes Jodie Whittaker as the 13th Doctor

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There is plenty to be said about the BBC announcement that Jodie Whittaker has been cast as the 13th Doctor on the television series Doctor Who. It is heart warming to see the flood of love and welcome she has received from fans. From congratulation tweets from former cast members, to art and cosplay, it seems people are very excited about the new Doctor.

The Welcome Tweets 

The Art 

Congratulations to #jodiewhittaker on becoming our #13thdoctor!!🎉🎊💓

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Jodie Whittaker IS the #13thdoctor 💙💙 #doctorwho #bbca

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The Imitation 

So I wasn't after a female Doctor, not that I think it's a bad idea, I just would have preferred they focused on bringing back amazing female roles like the Rani, however within 10 minutes of the announcement I was already referring to Jodie as the Doctor, and that's how it should be. It's a shame to see so many fans of the show swayed in watching it just because of a change of sex when the whole ideology of the show is about change and kindness. So here's me, ready for the future of Doctor Who, I'm standing with Jodie Whittaker, I'm standing with the Doctor. #doctorwho #jodiewhittaker #13thdoctor #genderbender #timelady #doctorwhobbc #bbc #change #dw #drwho #13 #tardis #newdoctor #whovian #bbcamerica #thirteenthdoctorcosplay #doctorwhocosplay #be #pro #feminism #girlpower #themaster #thedoctor #cosplay

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Here's my beautiful wife channeling her Inner 13th Doctor! So excited!! Love her so much!

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The Reaction Videos


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