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Interview with Amy Marie

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As a part of a new interview series I was able to speak to Amy, a journalist and geek who also happens to be a friend of mine. We chatted about her favourite characters on TV right now, fun experiences she has had and the geek culture.

1. First up, do you remember your first introduction to geek culture and fandoms?

[laughs] It was two fold, first I became involved with the Eragon, that was my introduction to “fandoms” which was cool. Then there were Teen Titans, I was obsessed with them. I actually outlined a whole story in the Teen Titans universe for an English class. I didn’t get the whole story done in time, so I just killed all the characters off and handed it in. So basically at one point I wrote fan fiction for Teen Titans”

2.There are some pretty awesome characters on tv at the moment, who are you favourites?

Sara, “I love Nyssa (Arrow) she’s my bae and of course Felicity, she’s my spirit animal”. And Agent Peggy Carter: I love her strength, I love how she’s portrayed, I think she’s a great fighter, I love how compelling she is. She is one of the few characters who inspires me, that line in the finale “I know my worth”…

3. As a journalist you have had the opportunity to interview some pretty awesome people, who has been a favourite?

“My favourite interviews are when the actor is actually interested in engaging in a conversation and not just offering up a canned answer. I enjoy asking questions that require some thought and trying to ask questions which they haven’t heard before, that’s a challenge I have set myself.”

“Tom Felton was actually the first person I ever interviewed, that was a crazy experience because I found out that I was interviewing him about 2 days before San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) started. I also had a huge crush on him at the time.”

“Stephen Amell (Arrow) is a great individual to talk to. He (Stephen) and Colin Donnell (Arrow) were actually one of my first solo interviews in person and they were so easy going and a lot of fun to talk to, which made it very relaxed for me. [laughs] I also enjoy talking with John Barrowman, he is a great conversationalist and really gets in the head of Malcolm Merlyn. The Outlander Cast is also a lot of fun, Sam Heughan is hysterical in real life and Cait is literally one of the nicest people you will ever meet.”

“Some of my favourite moments from press rooms are not the interviews themselves (they’re fun, don’t get me wrong) but the time after the interviews have finished, especially at Wondercon because it’s a bit more relaxed than San Deigo Comic Con (SDCC). Everyone hangs around a bit and you have time to sit and talk with casts which is a lot of fun.”

[pauses] “I actually have a fun story. After the interviews had finished up for The Walking Dead in the press rooms I was sitting around and talking with the Walking Dead Cast taking photos and helping photo bomb people. I also ended up showing Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie Greene the leg stretches we used to do in Marching Band after she said “I’m in these heels and my calves are killing me”. That was funny experience.”

“Andy Serkis was actually one of my favourite interviews because I asked him “What was the most difficult detail about portraying Caesar (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes) and what was the most difficult detail to get right? I was expecting him to say it was the eyes, the hands the movement, but he said the most difficult thing to get right was the language and to work out how much Caesar knew and how how much his vocal tone said and how the combination of everything came into how evolved the language was.”

4. You’ve have had the opportunity to attend both San Deigo Comic Con and Wondercon as press and you did the Paleyfest “Purple Carpet” this year, what have been some cool experiences you’ve had along he way because you’re a “geek”?

“I’m thinking of two experiences right off the bat where I was completely overwhelmed with emotion”

“The first experience was a couple of years ago at SDCC in Hall H. It was the first ever panel for the Hobbit trilogy most of the cast was there and they premiered the trailer for the first film. Not only did it contain clips for the upcoming film it also had clips from the Lord of the Rings film, and it started with the Shire theme which was just an overwhelming feeling, you could feel Hall H shake from the sound coming speakers, it was incredible. When you are in that room (Hall H) surrounded by people who are all there for the same reason as you and you are also in the presence of the people who have created and been a part of it, that is pretty incredible.”

“The second experience was the Outlander premiere in 2014, I had just finished up the red carpet and was originally planning on missing the premiere to attend a party I had been invited to. As I was walking away from the carpet I heard the coolest 40’s swing music playing and I basically did a 90 degree turn from where I was standing and walked straight into the Spreckles theatre. I walked into the theatre and there was a whole Scottish scenery set up, guys dancing in kilts, and then a bagpiper came onto stage. You have to understand I get very emotional about music, so when another bagpiper came out I was trying to hide my tears because I could see Katrina Law sitting six seats down from me, and then a third bagpiper came out and I just gave up on trying to hide my tears. Then Bear McReary, Paul Cartwright and Raya Yarbrough all performed. I was overwhelmed with emotion at that point and I was a bit of a mess ;)”

5. What’s an aspect of “geek culture” that you don’t like and would like to change for the better?

“I think one of the things that frustrates me in geek culture is when someone gets so behind an opinion they’re not willing to listen to other peoples aspect of the opinion. Something that hurts me on a professional level is when I see fans attacking an actor or a writer or producer based on what happened in a series. When someone says “You as a person are not worthwhile” because of a decision a fictional character made, that frustrates me. If you have an opinion and you want to stick with it, that’s fine. But do not attack someone’s character based on a creative decision they made for a fictional character.”

6. Bouncing off of that, what is an aspect of “geek culture” that you absolutely LOVE?

“The community, so many of my close friends I’ve met through SDCC or something similar. There is something unique about cons in that when you’re waiting in line for a panel or an event you immediately have a connection to the person next to you because they are there for the exact same reason. It’s pretty awesome that i have been able to make friends with people from all over the world because I’ve been involved in fandoms.”

7. Is there someone you would love to interview/meet?

“For me, I would love the chance to sit down and have coffee with people (often referred to as a sit-down). I would love to do that and just get to talk to them. Namely, I would love to do it with Katrina Law (Arrow) because she’s awesome, Caitriona Balfe (Outlander) would be a lot of fun because she is just so nice, and of course Emily Bett Rickards (Arrow).”

Amy Marie

Amy Marie is an unapologetic geek and babbling podcaster addicted to coffee and superb television. Performer, storyteller, explorer and a time travel enthusiast.

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