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Interview with Lord Mesa

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Lord Mesa’s artwork graces our Twitter and Instagram feeds with amazing and often amusing fan art. His work also covers the walls of production offices and writers rooms all over. Not only is he a talented illustrator and artist, he is a geek himself. We had the opportunity to talk to him about his illustrations, tv shows, pop culture. Plus his favourite characters to draw.P.S. If you aren’t following his Twitter and Instagram feeds, we definitely recommend it!

1. When did you start drawing/expressing yourself creatively?

I started drawing at a very young age, but if I had to really pinpoint when I started to really focus in on developing the skill, I would say in the 3rd grade when I was 8.

Lord Mesa at the 2015 San Diego Comic Con with Arrow Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim
Lord Mesa at the 2015 San Diego Comic Con with Arrow Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim

2. Do you have a medium that you love to draw in?

I received my degree in traditional illustration so I am familiar with different mediums, but I would say I am really loving digital illustration right now. Specifically, I am loving the program Manga Studio EX5. This program in conjunction with my Cintiq tablet make illustration so much fun. I never really feel like drawing is a chore or uninteresting when I work in this program. On the contrary, I feel like I am learning new techniques and tricks with every illustration I create.


3. Is there a piece of work you are most proud of and why?

I would say, tying back to my answer from your previous question, each new piece that I create tends to be my favorite of the moment. More so because of the learning experience of the process than because of the actual finished piece.

Lord Mesa with at SDCC2015"The 100" star Lindsey Morgan holding a print of the cast

4. You often draw characters from various TV shows and movies, including ‘The Flash’, ‘Arrow’ and ‘The 100’. Do you have a favourite ‘geek/comic/sci-fi’ show or movie?

Favorite show? Hmmm… To be honest I don’t have a hands down favorite show…As with the shows you mentioned that I draw from, I enjoy and appreciate different shows for what they are, what they are trying to communicate in their styles, tones, and storylines. What I enjoy about Arrow isn’t necessarily what I want to see in The Flash series. I enjoy shows like iZombie because they are taking a genre of horror, but adding a different twist to at at the same time. As fans of comic books, we are very lucky to see all these shows based on characters we love. At the same time, the creative powers behind these shows need to be able to bring something different to differentiate themselves from each other. I would say I’m a fan of the shows that are able to do just that.

Ship of the Year2

5. Is there anybody that inspires you in either your art or personal life? Why?

I would say my Dad has always been a major artistic influence on me. He was a real estate agent/broker all throughout my childhood, but he also liked to draw. I have fond memories of him drawing on restaurant napkins when we would go out for meals. It was like finding out your Dad is a superhero with abilities you never knew he had.


6. How did you become involved with ‘geek culture’?

I never intentionally started out with the goal of becoming involved with geek culture. I just combined my love of drawing with my love of pop culture. Posting it online took the exposure of that combination to a new level.
I believe Instagram and Twitter really accelerated the familiarity of my work. I think from those sources, people were reposting my artwork to other social media platforms to the point where people started recognizing my style of illos (my abbreviated slang for illustrations). I also attribute much of my exposure to Stephen Amell and his Facebook profile. Many people started sharing some of my drawings to his Fan Art Friday posts. Before I ever knew it, people would reach out to me asking if I drew certain illos that I wasn’t sure how they came across them.

Sugar Momma2

7. Do you have a favourite experience that has been a result of your involvement in ‘geek culture’?

The opportunity to be recognized by the creative people behind the shows I have been drawing from is always humbling and very exciting. I see myself as just another fan in a sea of other equally enthusiastic fans. To find out that my work has been seen by these people still blows my mind.
My other favorite experiences has to be when people reach out to me whether it’s at conventions or through social media to say how much my artwork makes them smile, or how they look forward to my posts to see what humor or emotional scene I can extract from an episode or movie. That means the world to me! To have that emotional affect on someone’s life, to me, is what being an artist is about.

8. @KenFromChicago asked: Do you have a particular character(s), scene and / or theme that is your favourite to draw?

I would say not really, but if you were to look at my Instagram and Twitter feed, you would think I have a slight fixation on the show Arrow. LOL… The way I see it, I enjoy drawing illos capturing all the moments that have major impact on the pop culture spectrum. I follow a lot of super hero TV shows and movies so I draw a lot of artwork based off of all the information/news that gets released about them.

If you would like to see more of Lord Mesa’s work head over to his instagram and twitter pages, and give him a follow.

* all artwork used with permission