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Marvel's Iron Fist

Will The Negative Reviews Stop You From Watching Marvel’s Iron Fist?

Has Marvel lost its perfect track record with the Marvel Netflix series? On this week’s episode of the Temple of Geek “ToGCast”, we discussed the negative reviews that ‘Iron Fist’ has received prior to its premiere. Are they justified? We don’t know because at the time of this writing, the show is not yet out.

On the podcast, we reviewed the site Metacritic.com and learned that the show has a Metascore of 35. If you look up ‘Iron Fist’ on Rottentomatoes.com, you will find that the show has a 14% critic score. Why the low scores? It appears that the biggest complaint is that the story does not seem to be up to par as the previous shows have been. Another complaint, is that the fight sequences are not that great. Have they not seen the teasers for this show?

Marvel's Iron Fist

The critics obtained the first 6 episodes of the series to review. Did Marvel give critics enough of the show to watch and review properly? I don’t think so. Especially when dealing with an origin story that needs to be developed across the entire season. The critics should have been given the entire show or nothing at all. For a powerhouse like Marvel, these early reviews hurt the show at the start. They do nothing but give fans a reason to go into the show with doubt and possibly not give the show a chance.

The show will debut on Netflix March 17th 2017. I will be there binge watching it this weekend and will form my own opinion of the show. Did any of these early reviews give you doubts about the show? We want to hear from you. let us know by commenting below and also, why don’t you listen to Marcus, Jonathan and I discuss this topic on this week’s episode of the “ToGCast“!

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