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It’s All About that Ash Baby – The After Show Party

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Exit the Wizard World Con, enter the Jackalope. Tucked away on 6th St. in Austin, this bar hosted the Ash vs the Evil Dead viewing party.  It was a tightly packed house with none other than Bruce Campbell and Ted Raimi trudging through fans trying to meet and greet the attendees.  Sadly, I wasn’t able to muscle my way to Bruce but my wife scored an awesome selfie. I did make it to Ted Raimi with whom I scored a pic and he revealed to me that he makes his appearance in the now picked up second season.  Bruce jokingly mentioned that Sam Raimi and himself were part of the Spiderman movies, and nobody cared.  He was in Burn Notice, a top rated show, and nobody cared.  Everywhere they went all they heard was, “when’s the next Evil Dead coming?” So to shut all us up they finally got to work on it.  Finding a good spot in front of a big screen wasn’t very hard and the show was great. Honestly I wasn’t digging the CGI but that’s just the way of things now and it hardly dampers the entertainment value of watching motherf*cking Ash kick some Deadite butt.  After the screening, Bruce took to serving drinks. With fans rushing the bar I miraculously managed to get a good spot, and not only did I get to see Bruce pretty close up but I was one of the lucky few that he handed a drink to. Thanks Bruce, you don’t know how badly I needed that.