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It’s been 20 years since Apollo 13… The Movie.

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Apollo 13 was an absolutely amazing film to watch. It is action packed and dramatic and it is a true story. Apollo 13 is a dramatic interpretation of the 1970 aborted Apollo 13 lunar mission that was adapted from a book written by Astronaut Jim Lovell and Jeffery Kulger.

Directed by Ron Howard, this film featured an iconic ensemble of actors that just blew my mind the first time I saw this film.

Tom Hanks, Kevin Bacon, Bill Paxton, Gary Sinise, and Ed Harris, and so many others. Each of their performances are amazing and just mind-blowing. But also Tom Hanks and Gary Sinise are in a movie again. If that doesn’t make you want to watch, I’m not sure we can be friends anymore.


What makes this such an amazing film for me is that NASA and the Apollo Astronauts were able to do extraordinary things in order to return home safely. I will admit that I am still mad at Jack Swigert (Kevin Bacon) for not checking the gage’s before stirring the O2 tanks, but then again there was a 5-year-old defect that wasn’t discovered until after the explosion, so I guess it isn’t really his fault. Also, NASA made a lot of bad decision before the launch even happened, which is still frustrating, but that is beside the point.

Back to the awesomeness of Houston and the Astronauts.

Houston had to create an entirely new mission on the fly based on everything they knew and apparently what they didn’t know, Failure was not an option. Houston needed to figure out how to utilize parts of the shuttle that it was never designed for, but they figured it out.

They had to create a way to fit a square CO2 filter into a round hole in order to scrub the air only using what the astronauts had on the shuttle and they were able to do it. GENIUS’. But I hope they learned a valuable lesson… Make all the filters the SAME so they can be interchangeable. DUH!

They also needed to figure out how to power up the Lem in a specific sequence because the shuttle only had 20 amps to work with so the shuttle would have enough power for reentry. Honestly, if it hadn’t been for Ken Mattingly (Gary Sinise) I don’t think they would have been able to figure it out in time.

NASA learned a lot about the impossible happening during this mission, but they also figured out that even when the impossible happens team work can save lives.

If you haven’t seen this movie, please watch it. It is worth it. If you have seen it, then grab those movie related snacks and watch it again.


I don’t mean to yell, but seriously go watch it.

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