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Baby Groot

James Gunn Confirms That Groot/Baby Groot Are Not The Same Being

Fans of Baby Groot, get ready to have your world shaken up a bit! James Gunn made a statement that shocked a lot of Guardians of the Galaxy fans on Tuesday. A fan posted a picture of a Porg and Baby Groot with the caption “which one do you save”, to which Gunn replied “Groot is not an animal! He’s an advanced lifeform! It’s easy!!”

The exchange goes on for a bit, which is quite hilarious and you should check it out here, when Gunn drops the bombshell no one was expecting. BABY GROOT IS THE SON OF GROOT! That is right folks, Groot did die in the first Guardians of the Galaxy.

This news of course shocked fans. Some could not except what they just heard. Some even challenged Gunn’s knowledge of his own movie.

What a bombshell!! This totally makes me see the ending of the first Guardians in a whole new light and makes Groot’s ending even sadder. What do you think about this news? Are you as shocked as us at what Gunn revealed yesterday? Did you notice the clues in Vol. 2? Let talk about this. Hit us up by commenting below.

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