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Jordandené arrives at San Diego Comic Con 2017


I first learned of Jordandené on the Comic Con convention floor. I geeked out and ran over to a young lady who was wearing a tank top with the words “Hello Sweetie” written across it, the catch phrase of River Song on ‘Doctor Who’. The design was simple and sophisticated. It was unlike any of the dozens of geeky shirts I already owned, or had even seen around. I begged the young lady to tell me where she got her top. That is when she introduced me to the clothing line known as Jordandené.  When I went onto their website I found a vast selection of multi fandom shirts and home goods. Cool geeky threads for everyone. It is definitely a treat to be interviewing their founder Jordan Ellis today. 

What is the origin story of  Jordandené? What inspired you to start your clothing line? 
Founder Jordan Ellis

Jordandené started as a way for me to get my hands on the well-designed, nerdy products I wanted but didn’t see anyone selling. As a female nerd, it can be really hard to find products made for us, and I wanted to change that. My first line of products was home goods because I was honestly a little scared to get into fashion. I’ve never considered myself to be “fashionable,” but the world of indie nerdy fashion is so different than I expected. I’ve experienced so much acceptance and diversity and body positivity and, while we can always do better, I’m really proud to be a part of this industry.

When is your panel and what is it called? What will it be covering? Will this be your first time at San Diego Comic Con? 

Our panel, Let’s Get Fashionably Nerdy, is at 1:00 on Friday. This will be my first time at SDCC, and I’m so excited to sit next to so many incredible people on this panel. We’ll be talking about how to express yourself and your interests through what you choose to wear.

What is it that motivated you to be part of this panel? 

I honestly love being a part of anything that lets me meet more cool, nerdy people. I’m thrilled to not only spend time with the bloggers and other designers on the panel, but also hopefully connect with new people during and after our talk!

What are your hoping the audience will take away with them when they leave your panel? 

I hope everyone in the audience walks away knowing that there’s something in the nerdy fashion industry for them (and if there isn’t yet, that they inspire one of our designers to create it).

How does being at San Diego Comic Con compare to your experience at other conventions?

SDCC will be the first convention I’m attending as a participant and not as a vendor! I’m very excited to walk around and actually be able to see the con beyond the 10 foot booth space I’m normally confined to. I hope to check out a lot of panels and special events during and after the con!

What are your expectations for this year? 

This year, I’m hoping to spend more time in the nerdy community. I’m attending way more conventions than I ever have before, and I’ve found local groups like Geek Girl Brunch to be involved with. I’d also love to keep doing panels and podcasts throughout the year!

What other conventions and events coming up will our readers be able to find you at? 

I keep a list of upcoming events on my website, but I think the next two conventions I have lined up are Geek Girl Con in Seattle and NYCC.

You can also find Jordandené across social media: 

Website: https://www.jordandene.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jordandene

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jordandenenyc/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jordandene

Tumbler: http://jordandene.tumblr.com/

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