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Photo Cred: Chelsea Pommerening

Katie and Chelsea Invade Long Beach Comic Con 2016

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Convention season is in full swing. It has only been a week and we’re still feeling the con withdrawal. Last weekend, the Long Beach Convention Center became a mecca for con-goers, cosplayers, artists, and celebrities when it hosted Long Beach Comic Con 2016. 

This year’s convention had quite the turn out. Pre-paid ticket holders waited in a line just as long as the one for day-of ticket purchasers. In case you were wondering, those were both SUPER LONG LINES. We have a feeling that this year’s convention attendance spiked for two reasons. 1) Firefly Reunion Panel. 2) Awesomeness of the convention as a whole.

Long Beach
Firefly via GIPHY

San Diego Comic Con has become nearly impossible to attend in recent years, which is spectacular for these smaller conventions. Long Beach Comic Con is not small by any measure, but we did enjoy being able to interact with artists, cosplayers, and fellow Geeks without fighting to walk.

This was our first time attending Long Beach Comic Con and we were not disappointed.

Long Beach Comic Con – All The Goodies

Overall, the convention was pretty easy to get a handle on. It really helps that everything was pretty much located in the same room. Celebrity signings were on one side, artists right in the center, the Space Expo on the other side, and vendors everywhere else.

We found it very difficult to be very judicial with our money though. Funny enough, Chelsea ended up being the first person in our group to spend the most money, which is super rare, btw. Nonetheless, we both ended up purchasing nearly everything we wanted within 30 minutes of our arrival. Artist Alley and the vendors are dangerous places.

Anyway, both Chelsea and I came into this convention on a mission. Chelsea wanted to meet Susan Eisenberg, the voice of Wonder Woman, and Kevin Conroy, the voice of Batman. 

And I got to meet Travis Wester from Supernatural. He plays Harry Spangler – 1/2 of The Ghostfacers. It was quite a magical experience.

In addition to those amazing moments, my friend and I bought some prints from one of our favorite artists, Jeff Pina. You have to admit his art is ridiculous cute. I am now the proud owner of a Supernatural and Sherlock print. Happiness! My friends and I convinced Jeff to create some iZombie prints, as well. Next con he says! WOOT!

Also, Chelsea bought a fabulous Supergirl print. We both love the CW’s Supergirl so I am of course super jealous that she has a print of her now. Next time!

Sadly, we did not get to attend the Firefly Reunion Panel… We were trying to eat and it took forever to get a Grilled Cheese -.- I will see you at some point Nathan Fillion!

long beach
Firefly via Tumblr

Space Expo 2016

Long Beach
Space Expo | Photo Credit: Chelsea Pommerening

Long Beach Comic Con partnered with the Columbia Memorial Space Center to bring the Space Expo to the attendees of this year’s convention. As you can clearly see above, R2D2 was quite popular at this booth.

In addition to all the Star Wars space related stuff, the con also featured many space related panels con-goers could attend. These panels explored topics such as, Women in STEM – JPL & Virgin AtlanticCassini Mission to Saturn, and Films Impact on Space Exploration. NASA and Space is definitely something worth geeking out about!

Long Beach
Doctor Who via Tumblr

Now, we love space for sure. Whovians for life, but one of the main reasons we go to conventions is to see all the cosplayers and this con did not disappoint!

Cosplayers of Long Beach Comic Con 2016

Favorite Cosplay

All of these pictures and cosplays are beyond amazing, but my favorite is this picture Chelsea took of a Zoom (CW’s The Flash) cosplayer!

long beach
Zoom (CW’s The Flash) | Photo Credit: Chelsea Pommerening

This person’s cosplay is so damn good and this picture is so damn good also. Honestly, this picture scares me. Awesome job lady! If anyone knows who this cosplayer is please pass along our compliments about their cosplay and their amazingness!

Cosplayer or Actual Police Officer?

When Chelsea and I first saw this guy we thought for sure he was Long Beach PD because we had seen them wandering around inside the convention center. Turns out we weren’t actually wrong in assuming he was a police officer. This fine gentleman is a police officer during the day and a Gotham PD cosplayer by night…. well during his day’s off at least.

Honestly, we were very impressed by his patrol car and his uniform. Also, he would walk up to Joker’s and Harley’s with a Joker Wanted Sign asking, “Have you seen this man?” or “You like kind of like this guy.” We truly enjoyed watching this guy out front. Clearly, he enjoyed himself as well.


Overall, Chelsea and I thoroughly enjoyed our time at this year’s Long Beach Comic Con. The cosplayers were on point with their incredible cosplays. The variety of artists and vendors gave us the opportunity to find exactly what we wanted to purchase. And SPACE STUFF!!!! We love SPACE STUFF!

The celebrity attendance this year was FANTASTIC! I am very happy I got to meet Travis Wester again and Chelsea is super happy with her WonderBat autographed photo.

All in all, we are definitely attending this convention next year.

*Please stay tuned for 1 additional article containing information from an awesome panel we attended. 

Katie has a Master’s in Psychology from the University of Hartford and is a former Cast Member of the Disneyland Resort. She was introduced to the world of movies by her father at a very young age and has been a fan ever since. She has a deep love for Jane Austen novel adaptations, Period Dramas, and YouTube vlog-style novel adaptations. She also geeks out over Harry Potter, DC, Marvel, Disney, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Sherlock, In the Flesh, Star Wars, Star Trek, LOTR, Jurassic Park and Foreign Films. Lastly, Katie loves the theatre, music, novels, Disneyland, college football, baseball, and cycling.