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“I Owe everything To Cosplay” Interview With Kayley Marie

Happy cosplay Friday! Every Friday Temple of Geek dedicates to the amazing cosplayers who make our fandoms more diverse and full of life. This week the cosplayer we are featuring is no different. Kayley Marie Cosplay has been cosplaying since 2014 with a wide variety of characters. She is a former art student who now dedicates her time to all the wonderful cosplays that are seen today. Kayley Marie has won countless awards and been featured on Marvel’s website for her cosplaying skills. With all of this experience under her belt Temple of Geek was honored to get a chance to talk to her about how she cosplays.



JR:How long have you been cosplaying?

Kayley Marie: I have been cosplaying for about four years, Baltimore Comic Con (BCC) in 2014 was my first con ever! An old friend of mine invited me to go along with their group, I had so much fun cosplaying that I have been cosplaying ever since.

JR:Do you cosplay or crossplay or both?

Kayley Marie: I cosplay and genderbend some male characters, but I have never crossplayed. (maybe one day!)



JR:Most cosplayers consider there to be three main categories of cosplay, tv, movies, and video games. What do you consider yourself to specialize in?

Kayley Marie: I consider my specialty in Marvel heroes; I am however, trying to branch out into anime and video game cosplays.


JR:As a winner of many competitive cosplay competitions, what role do you believe competitive cosplay plays in the cosplay world?

Kayley Marie: I believe any kind of friendly competition is healthy. The key is to never let it go to your head.  I do not consider myself better than anyone else (even after winning), I am someone who just loves cosplay. I personally love interacting with fellow competitors.  It provides camaraderie and you can swap tricks and tips during the competition and in the end make some extraordinary friends.

JR:What do you consider your most memorable cosplay to be?

Kayley Marie: My most memorable cosplay for me is my genderbent Thor, which was also my first cosplay. It is memorable for multiple reasons, one is was my first build and everything I learned from that build has helped me in every single cosplay I have built since.

Second, wearing Thor has given me the sweetest memories at cons. When I first made her I was not sure what the reaction would be, I was nervous. When I arrived at BCC the response was unimaginable. I was stopped by con goers for photos, showered by compliments, and even a group of tiny Avengers could not get out of their stroller fast enough so that they could say hello to Thor. I felt like Thor that day. This is when I really fell in love with cosplay.

JR:What has been you favorite convention to cosplay at?

Kayley Marie: I actually have two for very different reasons. BCC will always be my number one favorite. It is my home con and was my first convention.  BCC will always have a special place in my heart.

My second favorite is Katsucon. I like to refer to Katsucon as a beast of it’s own. It’s a living breathing convention that is a whirlwind for sure. I get to meet so many different cosplayers and photographers each year.


JR:What is a cosplay pet peeve of yours?

Kayley Marie: One large pet peeve I have while cosplaying is when someone takes a photo of a cosplayer who is clearly resting, aka eating, sitting down for a break. I have had this happen many times when I have needed a time out and then there is a camera in my face without permission.

JR:Have you ever had anything embarrassing happen to you while cosplaying?

Kayley Marie: All the time, I consider myself awkward, clumsy at times and sometimes “derpy”. So I generally embarrass myself on my own. My most embarrassing moment was at Otakon wearing my Raiden. The heel of my boot got stuck on the lip of the stairs while walking down, I fell down a few steps. Thank goodness Ron Gejon Photography was there to catch me. I was mortified but I looking back it’s a laughable moment.


JR:If there was one animal you would compare yourself to what would it be and why.

Kayley Marie: I have always made the joke that if I was ever reincarnated I would want to be a house cat to a rich old lady. I relate to a cat so much. I like to be a hermit, sleeping all day and taking naps, and not to mention I’d be cute as a button. House cats have it made.

JR:What cosplays are you currently working on?

Kayley Marie: I am currently working on putting together a Seras Victoria from Hellsing. I just debuted two new cosplays last weekend (Armored Hades and Kirito from Sword Art Online) so I do not have too many up my sleeves at the moment.


JR:What was your first convention?

Kayley Marie: Baltimore Comic con in 2014 where I debuted by genderbent Thor.


JR:What was your last convention? 

Kayley Marie: My last convention was Katsucon over Valentines Day weekend.


JR:What is your next convention?

Kayley Marie: I have a couple coming up! They include but not limited to: FourState Comic con in Hagerstown, MD, The Great Philadelphia Comic con, and Zenkaikon in Lancaster, PA.


JR:What does cosplay mean to you?

Kayley Marie: Cosplay means so much to me! Growing up and even into collage I struggled as an artist. I felt like I was not good enough to be a part of that world. I even pursued a degree in Art Education, but shortly after graduation I locked away my art supplies and felt like giving up.

This is when I discovered cosplay, something I was always interested in but never knew how to start. After being introduced how and where to cosplay, I found myself building again and using all of my skills I had learned over the years. I felt like an artist again, someone I could be proud of.

Cosplay has turned into my own walking and breathing work of art. There are so many new skills I have learned from cosplay and it has helped with my out of the box thinking skills, improving my self-confidence, and even acquiring my current job! I do not know where my life would have taken me without it. I owe everything to cosplay.


To see more of Kayley’s amazing cosplays or to purchase her prints, check out her social media at:


Facebook: facebook.com/kayleymariecosplay


Instagram: @kayleymariecosplay


Twitter: @Kayleymariecos


Website: kayleymariecosplay.storenvy.com



And as always,

Have a geek filled week!

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