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kings of con
Leo Camacho, Richard Speight Jr, & Rob Benedict | Kings of Con | Photo by Chelsea Pommerening

Kings of Con Panel – Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con 2016

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Kings of Con stars Rob Benedict and Richard Speight, Jr. are not strangers to the convention circuit. Now having their own panel moderator is something they are not used to. Both of these guys have been attending and hosting Supernatural conventions since forever. Well, that’s how it feels at least.

However, their constant attendance at conventions is what sparked the idea for their new series. Kings of Con is a behind the scenes look at what happens behind the scenes at conventions. Rob and Rich have taken what they do and turned it into something more.

Honestly, who hasn’t been wondering what goes on at conventions when the audience isn’t there. Con stories are the best, so why not make a series all about those stories. Truthfully, I’m probably in one of those convention crowds. Well, I hope I am at least.

The Panel – The Kings Speak

In case you forgot, Rob and Richard both starred in Supernatural at some point in the past 11 years. Rob, of course, played Chuck Shurley/ GOD and Richard played The Trickster/Gabriel. Both of these characters and the actors are beloved by fans. Honestly, these two are part of the reason I go to Supernatural conventions.

Kings of con
Leo Camacho, Richard Speight Jr, & Rob Benedict | Kings of Con | Photo by Chelsea Pommerening

Anyways, during this panel The Kings discuss their new series that will be debuting November 15th on Comic-Con HQ. This series is both fictional & non-fictional at the same time. The stories are real, but some of the con footage not so much. However, that is what makes their series hilarious and we’ve only seen the trailer.

If you are an avid watcher of Supernatural you will notice that many familiar faces pop up throughout the series. We are really looking forward to the debut of their series. I mean I’ve heard great con stories from these two, but I am dying to see them act them out.

Comic-Con HQ is offering a free trial of their online streaming service, so why not use it to watch this.

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