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Lady Loki | Vasquez Rocks, CA | Photographer: Chelsea Pommerening

Lady Loki – A Cosplayer Everyone Needs to Meet – A ToG Exclusive Interview

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I had the pleasure of meeting this amazing woman several months ago. We traveled into the California desert for a rather unique photo shoot. Personally, this was my first photo shoot, but Lady Loki, she’s a pro at this.

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Thanks to the wonders of the internet I was able to “sit down” with Lady Loki and discover how her rather unique Loki cosplay came about.

How did you get started?

I guess when I was 3 years old and saw a re-run of “I Dream of Jeannie.”  I became instantly obsessed with the costume. It was an episode with Jeannie’s evil twin sister Jeannie ( yes, they’re both named Jeannie). I drove  my family crazy begging for a Jeannie sister costume. I never got that costume so I learned to sew and made my own. I actually met Barbara Eden dressed in that costume. She loved it and it’s on the greatest memories I have. In fact, I’ve met Barbara Eden many times, the last time being at Stan Lee’s Comikaze in 2014 and she got to see me dressed as Lady Loki that time. I have met quite a few celebrities, but my favorite experiences have been when I am in costume and met them.

What inspired your cosplays?

I never know exactly what will inspire me to want to turn a character in to a cosplay, but I tend to like to play villains and baddies. In fact, my Jedi costume might be my only hero costume. I have done other characters too, like Elvira and Mae West – not “bad” or “Villains” but definitely not the sweet, ” girl next door” types. I’m a good person at heart so I think it’s more fun to playing the naughty, villainous or mischievous types. That said, I find it effortless to play the naughty girls.

What do you like the most about Cosplaying?

I love the process of getting excited about a character and then finding a way to turn it into a real thing. The planning, buying fabric, sewing, etc. is all fun. In a few cases, when I was over my head, I hired a costumer to make my costumes or props. That alone took a lot of work to find the right person for the job. And then the is the actual wearing of the costume and being that character for whatever amount of time that you’re in it. I also like that cosplay is for everyone. People of any size, gender, age, skill level, ethnicity, disability level, etc, can all find ways to cosplay and enjoy it. There are no rules. I just make things that make me happy and if other people enjoy it too, then I did good! It’s especially nice when people love my original one-of-a-kind designs. In fact, my Jedi, my Lady Loki, my Lady Thor are all my own interpretations of the characters and the costumes were inspired by, but not copied from anything that already existed.

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How many conventions have you attended since you started cosplaying?

I’ve done NYCC and a bunch of Wizard World cons in Manhattan. I’ve done a wonderful smaller show called Albany Comic Con many times and that one is always fantastic. Lots of amazing guests, artists, and wonderful people [cosplay] there. I’ve done all the Stan Lee Comikaze Expo shows except the first one. I never like to miss that one. The problem is that cons are so expensive between the hotel and travel expenses and some of the cons are $50 a day just to get in the door.

I don’t only do cons [though]. I [am also] a season pass holder to the Ren Faire in Tuxedo, NY and I costume there most weekends, as well as visiting other faires. I went to the Fairy Festival last year [in] upstate NY and I loved it. This year I want to go again. So it’s not just conventions pulling for my attention. I do about 12-15 weekends a year costuming, plus my own photo shoots in between.

What is your most memorable experience cosplaying?

So many to choose, but Tom Hiddleston, Lee Pace, Stan Lee, and Barbara Eden all rank on top because I met each of them for the first time in costume and each of them were exactly as I thought they’d be. Wonderful! So those memories are precious. But I’ve had a lot of fun in costumes at other times. Trust me.

Lady Loki w/ Barbara Eden, Stan Lee, Tom Hiddleston, & Lee Pace | Photo Provided by: Lady Loki

You’ve met Tom Hiddleston, how was that experience?

Well, there is a bigger story behind it, leading up to how it came to be, but let me say that what I went through was worth it. I’ve actually met him more than once and one of those times I was dressed as Lady Thor. I felt no need to get a photo with him as Lady Thor because I was being polite to the other people who’d never met him so I didn’t try. The time I got the photo with him was actually the second time I met him dressed as Lady Loki. That was in New York at the Tribeca Film Festival for the premiere of The Avengers. The first time I met him was in Hollywood at the premiere for The Avengers, 2 weeks earlier than New York. This is a benefit of being bi-coastal.

I will say this: the worst way to meet a celebrity is at a red carpet premiere, particularly if that celebrity is popular. It’s a crap shoot. You wait all day and they might not even get close to where you’re standing and if they do, they might walk past you in the chaos. When I met Tom, it was just before The Avengers. I had been a fan of his since 2010. I saw Wallander on PBS, but nothing could prepare me to see Tom as Loki. I have a special place in my heart for Loki. Anyway, the meeting in LA was wonderful and he spent around 3 and half minutes with us, which is an eternity in red carpet time. Same in New York. Later after The Avengers, things got crazy and the way people act around him has become frightening. The pushing and shoving and nasty attitudes! So I got lucky because I met him at exactly the right time to get a photo.

What’s he like? Well, he’s exactly as you see him in interviews. He’s very polite, gracious, and charming. It feels like meeting the King of England, for sure.

Do you have anything new in the works regarding your cosplaying?

I do. I have several projects I am hoping to finish this year. One is for Lady Loki actually. I would like to have a very lightweight pair of horns made that are one-of-a-kind and very easy to get on and off. My famous pair that was made by artist Morgan Crone are quite difficult to get on and off alone. They are stunning and show holds the copyright paperwork for the one-of-a-kind design. I treasure them. I just want something super easy and light as well.

I also want to tweak other costumes I already have, do an alien make-up for my Star Wars costume, and get to work on a few other things including a Winter Night Ice Fairy costume of my own design. There’s also a warrior costume I would like to begin work on, by that is not something that I can imagine finishing soon. That one will take a lot more time and money and that is the main hold up to creating new costumes. I like to create very high-end highly detailed costumes and those take so much time and money, but the quality is worth it.

I am very excited to see Lady Loki’s new ideas take shape. Her ideas are one-of-a-kind and unique. I want to thank Lady Loki for taking the time share her cosplay ideas and experiences with us and we look forward to running into her at some of the upcoming conventions.

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Additionally, I would like to thank Chelsea Pommerening for her beautiful photos of Lady Loki at the Vasquez Rocks. If you would like to reach out to our contributing photographer Chelsea, email her at chelsea.pommerening@gmail.com.