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Late to the Game – Wizard World 2015

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On the last day of Wizard World the weather finally cleared up over the Lone Star state. Fans shuffled through the crowds like zombies, as cosplayers and trick or treaters blended together in a sea of humanity.  Of course I was there a bit later then planned.

Sadly Peter Weller had canceled and Adam Sessler of Xplay fame was no where to be found.  Even James O’Barr was MIA, I could feel my hopes for a good day slowly dwindled away.

Alas what harkens there? A chance meeting with Guy Gilchrist. Who is this I asked myself. Well it turns out this guy shaped a lot of my childhood and I would be willing to bet part of yours too.  He talked about working with Jim Henson and as my eyes scanned his table, I immediately knew he was legit.  I was all about Muppet babies in my youth and Guy had helped in creating them.  Watching him interact with fans took me back to a simpler time and truly warmed my heart.  He’s one of the architects of the 80’s and now that you know, you should keep an eye out for him at an event near you.


To continue the nostalgic journey I took a photo with Beachhead and Scarlet from  The Fightin’ 788th who are a G.I.Joe costuming club. Little did they know I’m working on a Cobra themed costume of my own but that’s for another time.

Now the Bruce Campbell Q&A turned out to be an event all its own. It started with a screening of the indie film “Bad Guy #2”. Then, after a few customary wisecracks by Campbell,  Ted Raimi came out and the both of them conducted a hilarious improv costume contest in which cross dressed Dazzler almost won. With the few questions Bruce took, we did learn Ash vs The Evil Dead has been picked up for a second season already. Speaking to him at last years event he told me their target is five seasons.


Now with the event winding down and my day saved I looted the main floor and left with my faith in Geekdom restored.



20151031_170410Three Ash Ketchums crash the stage, Campbell’s and Raimi’s response.  “Get your Ashes off our stage!”