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Photo Credit: Chelsea Pommerening

LBCE 2017 – The Con After the Storm

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Not even rain could keep the con goers away from this year’s Long Beach Comic Expo (LBCE). As everyone knows, California is known for its constant sunny days. Well, that was not the case in the days leading up to Long Beach Comic Expo. It rained and stormed like nobodies busy down here. Rain…. I would say that is not something we are used too. However, that didn’t stop people from dressing in their favorite cosplays and grabbing their wallets.

The 2017 Long Beach Comic Expo was a hit despite the rain and the con crowded weekend. Folks from all over showed up with umbrella’s in hand and money at the ready to purchase that Jason Momoa photo-op.

That’s right folks, Khal Drogo himself was there and it was glorious. Honestly, this man has a presence beyond words. I am still kicking myself that I did not meet him.

Jason Momoa | LBCE17 | Photo by: Tiffany

However, Jason Momoa is not the only reason we were not so casually lurking around the autograph area. This year’s con was also the first time that all of Supernatural’s Ghostfacers were in the same place at the same time. Some of you might recall that I met Travis Wester at Long Beach Comic Con, he graciously (for a small fee) signed my photo-op that I have with my sister & AJ Buckley.

So obviously I had to meet AJ Buckley and have him sign on his half of the photo-op, which he did!

He signed it with “WWBD”….. *squee*

Ghostfacers via Tumblr

Ghostfacers Panel – LBCE 2017

Along with the ability to meet and greet ALL of the Ghostfacers, which WE TOTALLY DID! I was NOT going to miss my chance to meet Spruce & Corbett.

Too precious for this world indeed. The panel was incredible. The Ghostfacers talked about their time on the show and the web series.

Actually, we found out from AJ Buckley & Travis Wester that the final episode they were in #Thinman was the worst experience they ever had on the show. Apparently, the director made it incredibly difficult for them. He didn’t understand the characters. That’s why if you watch the episode it just doesn’t feel like a Ghostfacers episode. HOWEVER, I did ask them if they would come back if asked and that is actually IN THE WORKS.

Travis & AJ said that they have been talking with Supernatural about possibly coming back! I mean that would be amazing! ALL of the Ghostfacers should return to the show. Could you imagine how fantastic that would be?!? Anyways…. the panel was amazing. I might have shown just how much of a Supernatural nerd I am. Look, I’m sorry I happened to know all of the titles to the episodes they were talking about and I might have said so OUT LOUD. I’m fan okay…. I was also at SPN Vegas con the weekend before so that is all I had on the brain.

Moving right along….. I would like to thank all of the actors/actresses for coming to this panel. It was an absolute pleasure to see Travis Wester, AJ Buckley, Brittany Ishibashi, Dustin Milligan, Austin Basis, and Mircea Monroe again.

Photo Credit: Chelsea Pommerening

Now on to my favorite part of conventions…. COSPLAYERS!

LBCE 2017 Cosplayers

Like I said earlier, it had been raining the week leading up to the convention, it even rained the first day of the con. SO you can imagine that Cosplayers may not have been too willing to show up. Honestly, who would want to possibly ruin that amazing Doctor Strange or Khaleesi cosplay costume. BUT, the rain did not stop them. We saw some of the most amazing cosplayers roaming around inside & outside the con over the 2 days. I am still blown away by how amazing these people are.

*All photos were taken by Chelsea Pommerening & Katie Penix. Please email info@templeofgeek.com regarding photos. Please do not take without permission. 

Also, on a side note I would like to talk about the Batman holding Wonder Woman’s cloak with the kryptonite spear. That Batman was amazing in every possible way. Tiffany and I were in the parking structure helping out Jake Korupp (Doctor Strange cosplayer) with his photo shoot and this Batman came up to us & insisted we take a selfie. WHAT?!? WHY? He kept insisting we do so and put #batbomb. We did and I am so happy we did.

Seriously, LOOK AT HIS FACE! This is everything.

On last thing…..

Before I go, I would just like to say that I met the incredible women behind the NerdOut App while at this convention. The NerdOut App is a fantastic creation. This app will keep you informed on what kind of nerd stuff is happening in your area, from Magic the Gathering to Anime Conventions to cool comic stuff. You can read about the app & watch my interview here.

That’s all folks…

Looney Tunes via GIPHY

Well, this convention was super successful and amazing even with the terrible weather the week leading up to it. We would like to thank all the folks behind LBCE 2017 for getting this all put together and for having a Ghostfacers Reunion Panel! BLESS! Don’t forget that Long Beach Comic Con will be coming our way again this September!

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