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Leonard Nimoy: A Life Remembered – A Temple of Geek Tribute

Screen Capture during the February 27th recording of the"TOGCast"
Our Vulcan Salute during the February 27th recording of the “TOGCast”

We are assembled here today to pay final respects to our honored dead. And yet it should be noted that in the midst of our sorrow, this death takes place in the shadow of new life, the sunrise of a new world; a world that our beloved comrade gave his life to protect and nourish. He did not feel this sacrifice a vain or empty one, and we will not debate his profound wisdom at these proceedings. Of my friend, I can only say this: of all the souls I have encountered in my travels, his was the most… human.

-James T. Kirk (Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan)

allison vulcan salute


When I was younger, I grew up watching Star Trek: The Original Series every morning before school. There was even a running joke in my family that I was the gregarious and impulsive Captain Kirk, and my twin sister was the opposite, logical and analytical like Spock. Mr. Spock may have chosen to dictate his life through the Vulcan ways of rationality, but Leonard Nimoy breathed his own love of life and humanity into him. Nimoy will be remembered as both the character we loved but also as an inspirational humanitarian, spiritual man, prolific writer and poet, appreciator of the arts, and of course, advocate for the sciences. He was and always will be loved and remembered. May he live long and prosper on our screens, among the stars, and within us.



When we look up at the sky we see stars as they once were.  To us, in our limited lifetimes, they will appear to be immortalized as they shine brightly long after you and I leave.  Like those stars, Leonard Nimoy’s light will continue to shine for years to come. Whether it be his movies, his writing, or his humanitarian efforts, Nimoy’s influence will continue to have a positive affect long after his passing.  Nimoy’s love for science would be something that continues to influence my interests in science to this day. As a Star Wars fan, my love for Star Trek often went unmentioned, but his portrayal of Spock was a character I could seem to relate to. His rational way often counterbalanced Kirk’s impulsiveness, and Spock could bring levity without even cracking a smile.  His status in geek and sci-fi royalty was never in question, but hearing his voice as Galvatron in the 1980’s Transformers movie immortalized Nimoy as an geek icon to me.  Godspeed Leonard Nimoy…live long and prosper.

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Katie Vulcan salute


It is difficult to put into words how Leonard Nimoy has touched my life. On the one hand, his portrayal of Mr. Spock is what made me love that particular character from the moment he stepped onto the Enterprise. And on the other hand, perhaps it is safe to say that he is the reason that I began to love the sci-fi genre in the first place. As Mr. Spock he was able to draw you in with his sound logic and his voice. His voice was always the one thing that grabbed my attention. Mr. Nimoy’s voice will always be one of the things that I will miss the most. There is one particular line spoken by Mr. Spock that has always stood out to me: “I have been, and always shall be, your friend.” When I consider how logical and unemotional Vulcan’s are supposed to be, but then you get a Vulcan like Mr. Spock who says 9 simple words that able to convey so much emotion that I can’t help but become emotional myself. Those words have stayed with me from the first moment I heard him say them and they will always be something that I remember. Thank You Leonard Nimoy for helping create an entire universe that I could fall in love with. You truly Lived Long and Prospered. You will be missed.



Every once in a while, an actor comes a along and makes a character his or her own. Leonard Nimoy was one of the actors. When I was a child, I chose to be a Star Wars fan while my brother was the “Trekkie.” We would debate which was better all the time. I would prove my case and he his. When it came to Spock however, I never had an argument against the character. He was a perfect character and that was all thanks to Mr. Nimoy. My favorite “Spock” moment will always be Star Trek IV The Voyage Home. Spock was on a bus in San Francisco. On that bus you had a person who was playing music very loud annoying the riders. Spock performs the “Vulcan Neck Pinch” on the person causing him to pass out and quieting the music. The scene was very humorous and fit his character perfectly! It was one of many great Leonard Nimoy moments! I will miss you Leonard! Live long and prosper!





Thank you, Leonard, for showing us a whole new world to explore. You taught us that logical doesn’t always mean devoid of emotion, and that humanity is something to treasure. Go boldly, Mr Spock.



Very sad with the passing of Leonard. One thing I will always remember is a story my Papa (grandfather) told me when I was no more than 11. I remember he took me to Wendy’s to have lunch. While we were there he convinced me that he had gone up to the Enterprise and met Spock. Yet I believed him for some reason. Leonard was more than Star Trek. I watched episodes of him Mission Impossible playing a spy and taking on different characters. A wonderful actor and someone who cared for the fans. “I have been and shall always be your friend” -Spock





Leonard Nimoy’s character Mr. Spock … was a friend, someone that I could identify with and someone that I will absolutely miss! My journey with Mr. Spock started back when I was very young. You see, my father is a die-hard Trekkie!! He owns every episode, every season, every movie; in ever format that it was ever produced! So my love for the glorious character brought to life by Leonard Nimoy goes deep. I am somewhat emotionless … not to the Vulcan extent but I tend to look at the “logical” points in life, and I don’t let emotions drive my responses. When I was in third grade my family moved from the United Stated to Panama, I went from a Magnet School where I was doing work 2-3 grades above my actual grade to public school where I was way ahead and bored! I took this opportunity to imagine I was an explorer “Boldly Going, Where No Third Grade Girl Had Gone”. I was at a much higher reading level, mathematic, compression, and honestly life level than everyone else in my grade. So I was not only the outsider (physically having just moved), but also considered weird because of my intelligence level. I felt like how I had always imagined Mr. Spock might have felt … I identified with him and am saddened that he will not pop up in any of the upcoming Trek movies! His character brought to life, gave emotion to a species that generally didn’t have either emotion or humanity! He allowed a little third grader to feel a since of belonging. I could come home from school turn on the tv and live in the final frontier, take voyages with the crew of the starship Enterprise, explore strange new world, seek out new life and new civilizations, and boldly go where no man had gone before! Mr. Spock you inspired and will continue to inspire countless generations of children, teens, and adults! Thank you! You Lived Long and Absolutely Prospered!! #Love

Danniel Slade

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