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Lilith Dark Issue 2 of 4 Review

Can adventure lurk around every corner? The Lilith Dark Comic series is a four part comic series about a little girl with a taste for adventure. The four part comic series written by Charles C. Dowd has released two issues and is set to release two more.  This is the breakdown of the second issue of the Lilith Dark series.

Art Style:

    The art style is very similar to the first issue. Although the darker shadows fit better now that it is set in the realm of monsters. I appreciate the monster designs Charles did for this issue. It added a very nice feel to the overall comic.

Rating: 4 stars


   This is a very fast passed story and this fact doesn’t change in the second issue. I feel as though the fast paced introduction was a great way to intro the story but becomes less successful  with second issue. The fast second issue doesn’t offer much in the way of buildup. It makes the story, which is still adorable and imaginative, seem less fun.

Rating: 2 stars


      Overall the second issue isn’t as fun as the first. It takes too fast and the story gets ignored. The spunk of Lilith Dark is still very appreciated, and further explored in the second issue. I hope that within the third issue we will see the pace slow down.

Overall Rating: 2.5 stars

The Lilith Dark series is an adorable adventure that I hope continues forward. It is set to release two more issues to complete the series.

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