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Attention Convention Goers – How To Make the Con a better place…

Con organizers can only do so much to make their con enjoyable for the fans.  The rest of it is up to us, here’s a few things we noticed people tend to forget at cons.

Respect the cosplay… Just because you have fantasies about a certain character doesn’t mean the person in cosplay is interested in you.  Be respectful of the cosplayers and enjoy their craft, they aren’t there to be judged and hit on by you.

Don’t point… It’s crowded and you get excited and want to point something out to your friend.  In that excitement you reach out and as your arm extends you smack someone in the face.  Be mindful of your surroundings and don’t point, you might take someone’s eye out.

The restrooms… The restroom is not your private toilet.  Please keep it clean and respectful for others.  Many times we’ve seen people take poor aim, leave trash, and just flat our leave the restroom a complete mess.  Keep it as tidy as possible for others after you.

Move out of the aisle… See something you like?  Check your surroundings, move up to the booth and get out of the aisle.  Many aisles are blocked by people simply deciding to stop in their tracks, thus blocking the entire walking area.  Remember the middle of the aisle is for working, the sides are for stopping.

Cover your mouth… We’ve been taught this simple solution since we were children, but along the way some of us forgot.  If you cough or sneeze, cover your mouth.  There were many times walking on the floor were people will just cough and sneeze without any covering.  It’s disgusting and needs to stop.

Put trash in the trash can… It seems simple enough, but some people just don’t do it.  We’ve walked the floor enough and kicked empty energy shot containers and see all sorts of random trash just left on the floor.  Clean up your mess!

Mind your kids… We’re all for bringing your kids to a con, but please keep them under control.  Letting your child runaround in a crowded con is not only annoying, but dangerous.  Also, using your stroller as a means of pushing the crowd is not okay.

We’re all in this together… We’re all walking in a crowded aisle and we’re all moving slowly in the same direction.  Yet there’s always that one person that has to push and shove their way past everyone. CALM DOWN.  We’re all moving together, we’re all going to get there, it’s not a race, stop trying to push your way out of the crowd.

Be kind… There’s no need to be a jerk.  We’re all there to enjoy the con, see some cosplay, and spend lots of money.  We know the lines are frustrating and you may not get all the exclusives you want.  But be cool… treat everyone with respect and let’s all enjoy the con together.

Dave Hisaka

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