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Marvel Agents of SHIELD | Identity and Change // Recap Review

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Coulson makes his own soap, Mack tries to keep his head down, and welcome to SHIELD.

With no way out of the Framework, Daisy takes a chance and reaches out to Coulson one last time, discovering that he remembers fragments of the real world. Daisy and Simmons do their best to bring him up to speed, but he only remember pieces of his life. This version of Coulson, while teaching the Hydra curriculum, spends his time as a conspiracy theorist, excited at the revelation of him finding out the truth and being involved in the fight against Hydra.

Trying to keep her cover in Hydra, Daisy is sent on a mission with May, to arrest possible subversives Mack, and his daughter Hope. The Mackenzie’s live a quiet life away from the drama of Hydra, just wanting to keep their heads down and follow the rules. Mack will do anything to save his daughter, and agrees to catch Daisy admitting her allegiance to SHIELD. Finding out the truth, May takes Daisy into custody, letting her troops beat her bloody, and thanks Mack for his service to Hydra.

Giving them a lead on Dr. Radcliffe, Coulson, Simmons, and Ward, with support from the SHIELD resistance, lead by Jeffrey “The Patriot” Mace, head to Bermuda to speak with the Framework’s creator. While he and Agnes live a grand secluded life, Radcliffe remembers everything before Aida killed him and uploaded his consciousness into her new world. But Aida, or as she is called now, Madam Hydra, and Fittz follow closely. Radcliffe tries to get through to Fittz and make him remember who he is, not the evil Hydra Doctor, but a good man. But Fittz knows who he is, and murders Agnes in cold blood, taking Radcliffe prisoner. Distraught, Simmons heads back to the resistance base with Coulson and Ward, ready to tell them everything about the Framework.

“Identity and Change” introduces the rest of the regular cast and their new roles in this Framework. Mack, ever the gear head, spends his days with his daughter, his lost Hope, teaching her mechanics, while Mace, steps forward as burly bad bass, “The Patriot,” leading the SHIELD resistance from underground bunkers. Mack raising his daughter is the obvious regret, but I wonder what Mace’s is. Lying about his Inhumanity, and now he is in fact an Inhuman in the Framework?

Coulson, the high school teacher by day, paranoid conspiracy theorist at night, is so much fun to watch as Simmons reintroduces him into the world of SHIELD. He’s such a big dork, the kind of dork who’s shy about asking Captain America to sign his vintage trading cards. I said this before about Ward, that as much as I enjoyed the progress of his character, having him as one of the good guys again is a treat. Now, we get that same pleasure of having pre-Avengers Coulson, the goofy spy fanboy.

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