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Marvel Agents of SHIELD | All the Madame’s Men // Recap Review

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An Inhuman makes an attempt on Madame Hydra’s life, that story is way to crazy to make up, and SHIELD changes the people’s hearts and minds.

After witnessing the true purposes of Hydra’s Enlightenment Center, May brings Daisy a terrigen crystal, allowing her to go through terrigenesis and regain her Inhuman powers. With an edge over Hydra, they make their escape from the Triskelion, injuring Madame Hydra in the process. As Hydra’s lead propagandist, Sunil Bakshi spreads alternative facts and turns the people against Daisy and May as they make contact with the resistance.

After reviewing the plans stolen from Hydra, Simmons and Trip scout an area in the Baltic sea owned by Anton Ivanov, Aida’s Russian entrepreneur henchman. Expecting to find Fittz’s doomsday weapon, they discover an empty oil platform. Putting the pieces together, Simmons realizes Aida’s plan to build a machine, using Fittz and the Darkhold, that will generate living tissue in the real world and make Aida human, freeing her of her restrictions. And her machine is about to be complete.

Making contact with Mack and Coulson, May offers her cam footage of Hydra’s Enlightenment Center, as well as the Patriot’s final heroic act. Breaking into Sunil Bakshi’s television studio, Coulson delivers a message along with the footage, showing the public the true face of Hydra.

With an action packed beginning of May and Daisy’s escape, “All the Madame’s Men” brings up a lot of throwbacks from season one, almost too many. But, given the presence of Ward and Trip, mentions of Victoria Hand and John Garrett, it gave me a sense of nostalgia, reminiscing on how far these agents have come. Their efforts in the Framework, Coulson declaring his loyalty to SHIELD and talk of being apart of something greater, it feels like we truly are back in the beginning.

But we need to remember that this fight against Hydra is an illusion, and the real fight is back in the real world against Aida, who is trying to build herself a new body and become unstoppable. More or less like Ultron. While that plot is somewhat a repeat of the past, it begs the question of just how unstoppable will she be? Yes, she has the Darkhold and the Russian’s resources, and SHIELD is crippled right now with the destruction of their base. But making herself human, also makes her vulnerable. As interesting as things are in the Framework, I’m curious just how Aida’s end will come about, and if it will stand up to whatever explosive ending SHIELD has for the Framework.

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